To Them

i took my kids n grankids to the park yesterday. i have been feeling very depressed lately. i watched them play n laugh, feeling disconnected from them. i sat on the swing w/ my one yr, old granddaughter, n held her close as i began to swing. i felt the breeze in my face n hair, i felt her arms reach out n hold me closer. i put my face against her head, n just breathed in that wonderful baby smell. she smiled n layghed, i felt my heart begin to lift, i watched the kids play, n i had to laugh. to just see the pure happiness on there faces. i sat on that swing w/ her n felt her love, her pure innonence. n i know i must fight the dark feelings i feel. i must overcome this depression, 4 them. we walked home, n i still felt a bit down but holding that baby in my arms, i know that my life means something, i mean something to them.

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Mar 8, 2010