at my counslers while i was talking about my oldest daughter. she said it sounds like we r emeshed (probaly spelled wrong, lol). i asked what that meant. she said its where we dont know where the one person begins r ends. i smiled n laughed . yup, thats us. i always tell my daughter (who is 22 yrs,old) that i never had the embelical cord cut. my counsler said its not always a bad thing. because it has been this way w/ us r whole lives. she said she has come across a few other cases, mainly w/ mothers n daughters, where each depends on the other 4 there happiness. which is true about us. if my daughter is sad, i feel that way too, i feel her pain, weither it be mental r pyshcial . when she is happy it makes me happy to. so we r emeshed. i kinda like the sound of that. my daughter did to.

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Mar 9, 2010