Dont Care

i dont care if people think its wierd r disagree w/ me. but i give my oldest daughter everything she asks 4. i will never tell her no, i havent yet at least in 22 yrs. i do all her cleaning, know that she has moved out. i do her laundry. she works, has 2 perfect wonderful kids. was married to n as@hole, but left him, (thankfully) almost 2 yrs ago. she is my besat friend. we do everything together. we spend hrs sometimes just talking. other times we just enjoy each others company watching t.v. r whatever. she is perfect as anyone can be in my eyes. yes, i have spoiled her. is she ungrateful, r a brat? NO!  she is wonderful, i wouldnt want her any other way. as her mother i will always do everything 4 her. yes, she is capable of doing these things herself. but i like to do whatever i can 4 her. so it may seem wierd to some, but i dont care. i wouldnt what it any other way.

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Mar 9, 2010