If Only..............

I really wish i could turn back time so that i would be where i wanted to be. I have made so many bad choices in the past,i had a terrible ex bf who used to swear at me,lie to my face,cheat on me,he didnt care about my family or my studies..all he cared about was getting laid and getting drunk,oh and he used me. Im a changed person now and i dont let any guy try to take advantage of me,no guy is worth the tears no matter how hot he is. Everytime i see him at the mall or wherever i wanna punch him,really i would do it if there werent people around. He was full of crap,he slept with two girls when we were dating and he loved ****, i dont forgive him for what hes done,i hope he pays one day.

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3 Responses Mar 10, 2010

haha you should punch him :)<br />
Good, I'm glad you've seen sense, it's good to have control of yourself :) xo

Don't ever feel bad for him, he's a um bad boy? (i was going to say something bad but then i would get stars) and you deserve better.

Good for you. it is only a bad life experience if you don't learn from it.