My Husband

if i could erase your memory i would, tear out my heart that u have torn apart, i wont need it anymore. am not the same person i was when i met u all those yrs ago. am stronger now, n yes bitter to, u have changed me, n its not how i want to be, i would erase your memory from my mind, oh to go back in time to before i met u, before u desroyed  n so much of me. if i could go back to that day, when u smiled n said hi, i would turn n run never looking back at u. if only i could 4 get all these yrs i have spent w/ u, if only i could just erase u n the horrible things u have said n done to me.

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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

i wish it was that easy to just forget, and to just erase them from our lives completely. too bad its not. i wish all of this too, more than anything.