Dont Care

alot of people say am wrong because i still baby my daughter who is 22. well dont care. she is n always will be my baby girl, even know w/ children of her own she is still my little girl. i do see her as the woman she has become, but in my heart she will always remain that little baby girl.i will n do anything in this world just to make her happy. no is not in my vocabulary when it comes to her. she is everything in this world to me. she may not always be right, but dont u dare tell me she is wrong, i will agrue the point if she feels she's right even if i know she's wrong. i have always done everything 4 her, n i always will. so i dont care if am wrong 4 treating her the way i do. all that matters is her happiness, all that matters is her.

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1 Response Mar 15, 2010

You sound alot like I do when I speak about my sisters.....