It Is Real If U Believe!

what u dont see doesn mean it doesnt exist...thats what i say to others when they laugh at me.

i want u to see..  fairies,magic,angels,anything..

i believe but if u told me u believe ,id smile.. it would be great to see with me what i see.

like when i said to someone i have gloves  so i don feel cold my hands and he looked at me strange.i said i feel warm dont u see?-and one of my ep friends gave me the gloves(he wrote on a pm he gave me gloves) remember this,it was i think one month ago,i think-and the person i told this he didn believe me.and i was just sayin with a smile ,i have the best gloves!:)

same happens when i say bout fairies,i wish u could see..or when i say ''look at the stars at night and u ll hear the little prince's laughter''believe with me,...its real if u believe

amysangels amysangels
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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010


:)thanku eyeno.every time i read what u share with me ,is great.i read many times what u send me.thanku