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Actually, I Have It (sometimes)

When I live in Canada (like right now) I have it.  How cool is it to be able to go to the doc when you're sick (without checking with your health insurance plan, or your checking account.)  While I was employed in the states, I was fully or partially covered, depending on the health plan.  Only one plan came close to the Canadian plan for ease of use (Kaiser.)  While some services may be more limited in Kaiser, the integrated model for delivery was both efficient and effective.  In fact, Canada Health System could learn a thing about becoming a more efffective/efficient system from Kaiser.  But the universal coverage is sadly missing in the US.  So many countries have it.  As the "Engineer of the World's Economy", too bad the US can't get on this common page with almost all of the rest of the nations of the world.
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Healthcare is a human right. People are afraid of rationing and "death panels" but those things already exist thanks to private health insurance. You have people in cubicles deciding what kind of care you receive instead of your doctor.

Nothing kills quality like government intervention.....let our system fall into socialism and there will be no health care left to ration.....the feds are already so far in the hole that we will never see the end of debt in our lifetime.

Do you make a habit out of joining groups you don't agree with just so you can harass its members with talking points from Rush Limbaugh? I dare you to name one successful completely free market health care system that exists in the world right now, they don't exist. If you want a Republican paradise go to Somalia. No functional government to speak of, guns everywhere and absolutely no regulation.

Pretty typical reaction to is not about feelings....believe what you wish.....we are watching a train wreck before our very eyes. Good luck with all of that.

As someone who works in health care and has dealt with insurance companies and the federal government (via medicare) I can assure you that this is based on more than just emotion. I take it you cannot name a successful purely free market health care system? And no, you cannot name something from an Ayn Rand novel.

like I said....good luck with that.....when you have trouble getting a job in the healthcare system. I have sufficient background in the field as well to know what I'm saying. This isn't meant to be a ******* contest. You go ahead and believe what you want....I wish the best for you.....

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Many people admire our universal health care. But it is a failing system. So many people abuse it. And other health systems are poor too. I lived in the states and worked for a hospital. I saw people lose their homes and their savings because they lacked health care programs. At the county hospital where I worked, a renown one, the first question asked upon a patient waking was, "When can you pay for these hospital costs?" There has to be a better way. Someone needs to come up with a viable plan. Cause our system will collapse someday. Private systems are invading us even now. Thank you for your posting.

I have friends who come to the states to get health care they can't get from go figure.

You might like to do research, when was the last time a Canadian lost his home, business, life savings over illness?

And I have friends who have went to Mexico and Asia for treatment, what's your point?

The US is slow mo in all and fantasizes on ruling the world. I learned they have states that have anti ******** laws, imagine.

Funny, just this morning my brother, an uncle from FL and I were discussing the difference in the systems. My uncle finally got me to understand the difference in Medicare vs. Medicaid

So you're a FL girl then? Lots of snowbirds (Canadians) living in FL... finally warming up! LOL

I am not a FL girl. I live east coast Canada and lived in FL for 2 years

And I'm a Canuck on the west coast... I guess that makes me the left coast! :D

yes, to much money to be made looking for a cure,<br />
<br />
then there is, in curing people

Too true, and maybe it's not all about the $$$

Too many are making a lot of money from the messed up healthcare "system" in the US. Being poor or unemployed in the US can be fatal. They always have plenty of money for weapons and wars.. Investing in the American people must not be profitable enough.

Sadly, I think you're right!

It was the US government that messed up the healthcare system in the US. Who really thinks that government meddling actually helps anything?

I guess you're fine with corporate interest... that somehow that serves the people well.

Spot on! There is more money made from hospitalization than vaccination. And junk science. Vaccines cause autism? How about a polio epidemic? Corporations make money. That is their only purpose.

Corporate interests influencing government intervention is the lions share of the mess we are in right now. It was the insurance industry that created special interest groups to reduce competition, while we sheople allowed the mirage of pensions, unions, and employer-provided insurance to become the norm that has allowed us to sleep to this word.....DETROIT. Get the government out of the way.....stop buying from those 'corporations' with which you have an issue.....let there be competition. We still don't know just how much government has ruined our private sector. If we don't stop this trend, there will not be enough money in the world to bail anything out. O.P.M. (other people's money if anyone must ask) is the most addictive drug on the planet!

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