Canada Health Services

In Canada health care system is different in every Province and Territory.
The federal government issues the same money per ca pita less 3% peoples moving around.
Added each year is health care provision for over 200,000 immigrants annually.

I am a carpenter and worked in four provinces and enjoyed health care provision in each one of them.
Never had much problems going through emergency wards or getting an appointment to get something checked.

Each Province gets the same money but use it in their own system changes the care provision and if they have proper staffing or not.
In Manitoba health care does not have fees, shortage of specialists 90 day wait,.
BC 121.00 coverage (1 year) 64.00 per working person per month. shortage of Doctors and 60 wait for specialists.
Ont. 373.00 per month per working person. Emergency staff shortages, Spending too much on the top end of care and debating prevention measurement.
The comparison is the same we can have better health care in all Provinces if the Federal government did not add on to it past health care deficit.
According to statistic's Canada the feds have to put an extra $2,000 per person for old pensions, law suites and infrastructures that is very costly that has been out on the back burner until the buildings have to be re- engineered to meet safety standards for today.

Here in small town BC if a doctor opens up a client spot it is always in the paper because of fairness.
At least fifty people will apply for that one space for a family doctor, might not be like that in the larger cities but is the case here for 10 years.
I am glad that we have health care here in Canada but should be the same cost and care for each individual.
Free and good care.
We pay very high taxes to accommodate our health care and it still does not meet past debts of our health care system/ mixed up paper trail.
If we could somehow write that off as a loss this year in 2012, there is no reason why we should have to hang on to this debt.
It will mean about 6 billion out of our system one year better then the 60 billion spent on Harper's make work project.
With that debt gone and the books square there would be lots to pump up our care to standards again.

Universal health care is a great idea unfortunately there are far to government dept's touching our money and every time they touch it some seems to disappear into thin air for no reason at all.
And in turn we end up less staff all around and we all know what that leads to.
Good health to you.
thesower thesower
Jan 9, 2012