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"The court's mixed verdict could create problems, notably in its weakening of the law's Medicaid provisions in the name of states' rights. While the impact of this part of the ruling is not fully clear yet, the court may have effectively denied health care coverage to a large number of poorer Americans."

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Huh. I suppose universal health care is something I never think about, because everything except for a few elective surgeries are free here up north. But, I simply don't understand why this never happened in the states.<br />
<br />
I mean, throughout each educated nation's history, someone has stepped up and said that seeing a doctor and being treated for an illness is a basic right, just like having a trained team of people in flame-resistant suits rush to your house if it's on fire, or being able to send children to an institution during the day in order to help them decide how they want to change the world... and every time the people of each nation have said 'Yes, of course' in their homes, and at the ballot box.<br />
<br />
But that's never happened in the states, and I don't understand why.

because of the vampires that ruled the south a couple hundred years ago :P

Oh yes, of course. How silly of me!

But that's alright. I'll always have Ms. Capable-and-Intelligent (I'm talking about you!) to enlighten me. Thanks, Shannon!

I just hope those vampires don't figure out a way to shield themselves from the sun... or we'll all be ruined! Then again, is it just me or have I begun to see more pale people in those weird body-covering black suits and ties and sunglasses lately... and those suitcases they carry around everywhere with them, the contents of which they use to sustain themselves every day...

watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire was really good :)

Oh dear, I will. It's on my summer to-do list!

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I can't tell you how grateful I am for the National Health Service in the UK. I know their are plenty of people that would have a go at it BUT I know that we have a safety net. I am proud of the NHS. We shouldnt take it for granted!

And Kat you have no idea how divisive the issue is here in the States. We long for a solution that would mirror the heatlhcare system in the U.K.

It's insane, no repulsive, that a significant portion of the U.S. population. . . so many children . . . don't have that safety net. The system is so broken and absurd that it is by far the most expensive (as a percentage of income) yet is rated by the United Nations as one of the worst among westernized countries.

The President has courageously put forth a program, a mere toe in the water, that ensures healthcare to a far wider group of citizens yet, amazingly, he is battled by the idealogical right.

No, don't take it for granted. Think of the healthcare horror in the U.S.

but katie...what about the excerpt...the excerpt!! Dont you have any thoughts, opinions, rants, raves about it? inquiring minds want to know ;)

I do Hon but the posture seemed to be put in a "this could happen" context. There are problems galore to overcome. The fact is our healthcare system by sheer size overwhelms that of the U.K. and is exponentially more complicated. I just don't think we would allow programs designed to help the old and the poor to close down without an alternative and better solution. The Supreme Court decision is great news (and I hope Roberts becomes more of a centrist; his position lasts a lifetime sop he can do what's in his heart) but just a first step. It's the right thing to do. I just googled M1A1 Abrams tanks, the best in the world. Each of the many thousands of the brutes, designed to be effective against a Soviet style standing army, costs a mere $10 million. They keep coming off the production lines to fight a war that never happened and never will. Y'think $10 mill could inoculate and feed a lot of kids and maybe fund clinics that would keep the marginal in fair health?

hmmmmmm...well, it's certainly something to think about. Thanks again Katie, insightful as ever.

Shann dear, if those damn tasty humans (although I don't like sour conservatives) would let two 20-something 'don't-take-no-$hit' women run the show it would be a return to the Garden of Eden.

ha ha yeah

if I could, I'd vote for both of you, simply on principle. Katie you could invent a new party, with wiffy flip flops, on the beach of a paradise island, as your logo. Return to Eden indeed

ha ha :D thanks katarina, i'd vote for you too

We do not have to long a for healthcare system just like the UK, our neighbours have one just as good if not better. All our politicians have to do is cross the border and get educated!!!!!!

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