The Time For Universal Health Care Is Now

Every American has equal value and every American deserves health care. Period.

Health problems are scary, sure, but can you imagine only having to deal with that and not medical bills too? The fear of losing your house? The fear of bankrupting your family?

The US is the only first world nation where people have those fears.

We can do better.

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I don't mean any disrespect, but this new healthcare law is not going to fix that. We haven't begun to see that I'll effects of government meddling in our economy. That is not what they do well. It is true that we need to fix our broken system....but having the IRS or any other massive government entity getting up close and personal with your private life is not the answer. Imagine a case worker with a federal badge coming to your door telling you that you will either change your personal habits to suit their opinions or be fined....or worse yet, lose your child?

Further more, how is it that so many of the larger organizations have been allowed to opt out of this "great" plan....if it is as good as they say it is?

Sadly, things are about to get a lot worse....maybe not over night, but this mess we now have took 70 or more years.

Some facts to consider about the healthcare cost crisis in the U.S. --<br />
<br />
People are living MUCH longer. From 1900 through 2006, life expectancy at birth increased from 46 to 75 years for men and from 48 to 80 years for women in the U.S. [source: US National Library of Medicine].<br />
<br />
Costs of healthcare in the U.S. grew from $27 billion in 1960 to over $1.4 Trillion in 2001. And national health expenditures are projected to reach $3.1 trillion in 2012. This amount is very close to the total cost of the U.S. government in 2010 as follows.<br />
<br />
Compare U.S. projected healthcare costs in 2012 ($3.1 trillion) to the 2010 President's budget of $3.55 trillion.<br />
<br />
The 2010 U.S. budget includes MANDATORY SPENDING of $2.184 trillion (+15.6%):<br />
$677.95 billion for Social Security<br />
$571 billion for other mandatory programs<br />
$453 billion for Medicare<br />
$290 billion for Medicaid<br />
$164 billion for Interest on National Debt<br />
$11 billion for potential disaster costs.<br />
<br />
The 2010 U.S. budget includes DISCRETIONARY SPENDING of $1.368 trillion (+13.1%)<br />
$663.7 billion for Department of Defense<br />
$78.7 billion for Department of Health and Human Services<br />
$72.5 billion for Department of Transportation<br />
$52.5 billion for Department of Veterans Affairs<br />
$51.7 billion for Department of State and Other International Programs<br />
$47.5 billion for Department of Housing and Urban Development<br />
$46.7 billion for Department of Education<br />
$42.7 billion for Department of Homeland Security<br />
$26.3 billion for Department of Energy<br />
$26.0 billion for Department of Agriculture<br />
$23.9 billion for Department of Justice<br />
$18.7 billion for National Aeronautics and Space Administration<br />
$13.8 billion for Department of Commerce<br />
$13.3 billion for Department of Labor<br />
$13.3 billion for Department of the Treasury<br />
$12.0 billion for Department of the Interior<br />
$10.5 billion for Environmental Protection Agency<br />
$9.7 billion for Social Security Administration<br />
$7.0 billion for National Science Foundation<br />
$5.1 billion for Corps of Engineers<br />
$5.0 billion for National Infrastructure Bank<br />
$1.1 billion for Corporation for National and Community Service<br />
$0.7 billion for Small Business Administration<br />
$0.6 billion for General Services Administration<br />
$19.8 billion for Other Agencies<br />
$105 billion for Other<br />
<br />
[Date source: 2010 Budget of the U.S.] <br />
<br />
The bottom line is, we desperately need healthcare reform but the questions are:<br />
(2) How much must taxes rise? <br />
(3) Which programs and agency budgets must be cut?<br />
(4) By how much?<br />
<br />
THIS IS A VERY DIFFICULT PROBLEM that must be solved. And it's my belief that the political process is NOT CAPABLE of answering these questions fairly or accurately. Only a very in-depth business analysis can get close to providing the correct answers.

I think you have hit the nail on the proverbial head. How does an already poorly run government do better with a broken healthcare system......I see disaster coming. Amongst the list of departments you showed above, many of those shouldn't even exist....but they do, so that some politician can actually say they did something. Naturally, the reflex to any cut is defense at all cost....that has become the primary function of most government offices I have come in contact with. I would back us away from this whole train wreck and try to fix what they have already messed up before letting them have anything to do with our healthcare. Actually, I would amputate a lot of that list. There are some things we just don't need departments

even with the new law forcing me to but insurance i still cant afford it. id be forced to either live in the street or not eat at all just to get insurance. some choice. and to those who think medicare is so great then you have never had to deal with them. been there done that have tee shirt. they wont pay for long term nursing care past 2 months. and the screwy thing is the federal government expects the states under the new law to pick up the bill during a time when most states are forced to make deep cuts...and with more people that will qualify for medicaid...its a time bomb waiting to go off. the state of washington has had a health care program called basic health offering low cost or free health insurance to low income people. been around for years and when it started was a great idea...but of late there has been cutbacks in care, waiting periods to just get onto basic health is a minimun of 2 years. just got to wondering how much in taxes is anyone willing to pay to have universal care

"Deserves" is a well intentioned concept that can be very expensive in practice. For example, do drug dealers deserve healthcare that is paid for by others who pay taxes? Assume a child with a rare disease cannot get care but the drug dealer gets it. Which one "deserves" care if we cannot afford to treat both? Doctors have an ethical requirement to treat both. Do they deserve to treat both while being paid by only one? My example is extreme but you get the point. It's about choices, choices, and more choices.<br />
<br />
Some facts to consider. Germany has a reputation for having one of the best health care systems in the world, providing its residents with comprehensive health insurance coverage. However, (from "...the costs of the German health care system are immense and rising due to demographics as well as long-term unemployment rates". And, their system holds costs down by rationing care. Moreover, approx. 15% of the German people (those who make over about US $70K/yr) are not in this system. and their care is better. They pay for it out of their pocket. <br />
<br />
The US is the only major country in the world that does not have Universal Health Care. But, every country that has Universal Health Care can no longer afford it. These countries are raising taxes, making individuals pay more, and reducing services. The problem of Universal Health Care is not as simple as deserving it. I wish it could be so simple.

the only health care you are going to get is what you do for yourself. Doctors cannot ptovide health care, they don't even know what health care is! The medical industrial complex in the USA is not geared to keep you healthy in fact it is designed to keep you sick, dependent and hooked on pills. Americans have the most expensive medical system on the planet yet Americans are among the LEAST healthy people on Earth.<br />
<br />
care for your own health. Eat good food, raw wheneverr possible. Eat nothing in a box. Eat no GM foods. Eat no corn syrup. Eat nothing from any fast food outlet. Get sunshine, exercise moderately and shut off the stupid TV and above all stay as far away from anyone with an MD as you possibly can. <br />
<br />
this is how you will care for your health and guess what - it is largely free or less expensive that what you are doing now. Save money and be healthy how can you top that. You don't want those government death factories.

If you want to be healthy stay as far away from doctors, drugs and tests as you can.

I cannot belive the opinions expressd on this post.. Since when does a person have a "right" to health care... only when Socialist get involved... This country was founded on "INDIVIDUAL GOD GIVEN RIGHTS" not on entitlemenst. When we give the government the right to dictate our rights, we've given up our God Given freedoms.

Amen! <br />
<br />
It's funny how the stereotype of the hillbilly with bad teeth is funny in our culture. They have bad teeth because they can't afford to see a dentist. <br />
<br />
Universal healthcare is a must!

right on! our system is a sad joke. Our care gets more and more costly, for worse and worse service. My insurance pays for others care, but keeps rejecting mine. unbelievable.

I am good with paying more taxes so we can have universal health care. That would be great! I think the major concern for most people is our government is so messed up anyway, do you really want them running your health care? My answer is yes! I think a guy living on the street who can not afford to go to the doctor should have the right to the same health care that people with insurance get. Let me tell you some people with insurance still get crappy care. I also saw the Michael Moore movie Sicko. Can I also say I want 6 weeks of paid vacation. Oh..... and a nanny to come in for a couple hours, paid by the government, to watch my 2 year old so I can get some stuff done around the house!

I definitely agree with you 100% on this. It's ridiculous that people are often forced to forgo medical care due to funds. And quality health care is a basic human right; for everyone.

I wasn't even aware of these issues until I saw Sicko by Micheal Moore, normally I wouldn't watch a Micheal Moore film but I was pretty much tricked into it. The state of the health care system in America is HORRENDOUS- if you compare it with that of France and Britain(yes yes I know they have problems) it is incredibly pitiful..and we're supposed to be the superpower?

I think most people who do come from countries with universal health care would be shocked if they knew what goes on in the US, especially one takes into account how much is spent on health care for so little in the way of actual health! <br />
<br />
Families being burdened with crippling debt after treatment or people not being able to access health care at all for lack of insurance - the former is incredibly uncommon and the latter is unthinkable in Australia. It's true, Medicare has its problems, but it is a paradise compared to the US. <br />
<br />
Universal health care may not be perfect, but it's a damn sight better than the alternative.

I couldn't agree more!<br />
The number one cause of bankruptcy in the country is medical bills.