5 Steps to Socialized Heathcare

Five Steps to Socialized Healthcare Published by Adam Pieniazek on September 20, 2008 in Government
  1. Stop paying medical bills.
  2. Bad debt increases for hospitals and insurance companies.
  3. Big health insurance companies fail.
  4. Government steps in, bails them out.
  5. Bam, socialized healthcare.

Repeat as necessary until government simply owns medical industry.



JojoWazoo JojoWazoo
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8 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Yes a lot of the bills are going unpaid<br />
we just can't afford to pay them<br />
<br />
and we fall between the cracks for getting help<br />
<br />
if I wanted to divorce my husband and have him move out then I could qualify for some help.

laws and system need to change<br />
the medical profession is the only one where the expert can say I Don't know this is not my field of expertise <br />
or say you don't have kidney stones<br />
you have calcium build up in your kidneys <br />
and they don't hurt<br />
<br />
and still be able to charge you $100 + <br />
<br />
or go to the emergency room be seen and released given the Wrong and incomplete information about what happened to you pay the deductible be told that you are completely payed up and still get a bill from the doctor <br />
because he charges you separately from the hospital <br />
and it DOES NOT state it anywhere in any of the paper work<br />
you sign

Josie, I really put that up as a joke but unfortunately, it's really a close reality for so many people who can't afford to pay their healthcare bills. I was just reading about how many people were losing their homes, not due to buying too big a house but due to unemployment and not being able to pay the mortgage. Families are consolidating. Unemployment and healthcare costs are robbing people of the American Dream. Who knows what the answer is, I just know it's sad and it's scary!

Too many have!<br />
<br />
We do need change, however i'm not sold on the idea that government must own it or even a portion of it it. And definitely not happy with the government managing or deciding my healthcare.

Unfortunately, many have....

What a novel approach. A lot of us have already started doing this.

What a novel approach. A lot of us have already started doing this.

What a novel approach. A lot of us have already started doing this.