A Personal Approach

I think we need to take unique approach to self improvement and goal setting based on our personality type and perhaps other factors.

I know this insight is nothing brilliant or new and may seem like common sense, but I’m realizing how profound it is!
I’ve been familiar for the enneagram for a long time now and I’ve been familiar with in depth Jung/MBTI for about a year now. I saw these as tools in understanding who I am and understanding why I’m the way I am and how I fit into the world. Though I’ve always been very interested in self improvement and goal setting, I’ve never thought much about using my understanding of personality as a way to accomplish this.

Sometimes in my goal setting I seem to hit a wall. Could this be that I’m not taking a personal approach that plays to my personal strengths and constructively develops areas that I fall short in? Sometimes I research goal setting or a goal I want to accomplish and the approach ends up not being very in line with my personality or there’s something missing and I end up moving away from it. It dawned on me that it would be much more productive to create my own constructive approach to goal setting. Often the goals I set are in line with my vision and the vision is in line with who I am (though I can also use my understanding of personality theories to improve this aspect too), but the process I use to get there isn’t always in line.

I can see how this will be really useful in Jung and my Jungian understanding of my MBTI code which is INFJ.
In playing to my strengths, it seems like a good idea use my 4 non-shadow functions and focus especially on my first two functions. (I know I can already use Ni to envision a good approach for me.)

I also have some enneagram ideas too.

I have lots of ideas on this and I’d like to use personality more constructively too. I’m going to explore this goal/idea and come up with a plan and write more later.

(PS, I posted this on my 43 things account but I really want to share this idea with the world and I figure i'll have more followers/more support here.)

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I wish i could develop trust in myself and my own assets. It would be great to have both supports.

motivation is like a connection between conscious and subconscious personality - if you can sustain that conenction then you have boundless motivation!<br />
<br />
having faith in your competency or having ppl that believe in you that you know will stand by you thru thick and thin is definately a catalyst for motivation!<br />
<br />
that way even if you fail you have someone that will support you unconditionally!

yeah, I actually used to have life coaching with an INTJ and while some of his approaches were very helpful to me, there was one aspect where we clashed all the time and I felt very resistant to a particular technique or idea. Sometimes I can see that someone has a useful idea that isn't quite working for me and that i have to adapt it. I found this with some of the inner child stuff too, just a few ideas I was resistant to, but some that really clicked.<br />
I found I connected to the material written on INFJ.com a lot, and I be the type has something to do with it.

I think this sounds like a wonderful idea and not as common sense as it should be. The area of self-improvement to me has always be so "one-size-fits-all" It hasn't always occurred to me that there might be authors with the same personality type as me creating theories, workbooks, group work, etc. that just may be a message that could successfully come across easier.