Remember The Midnight Movies?

Going to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show at "the midnights", I used to go wearing pantyhose under my pants, and had my heels and a skirt in my backpack.  A quick change in the restroom, and I would head in for the movie.  I was always a bit sad near the movie's end, because I would have to take off my lovely heels (at least I still got to wear the pantyhose).  Often, I would wear ultra sheer, nude pantyhose and wear full-fashion stockings with a garter belt over them.  It was generally the only thing that made what society told me I had to wear the rest of the time bearable.  If I could have passed as  woman, I would probably be a shemle now, or at least have dressed as a woman whenever I wasn't at work.

As a bonus, the girl who played Magenta in the live cast (I never learned her real name) taught me how to properly apply lipstick and eye make-up.  She liked my outfits (I had about a dozen skirts, 4 different colors of 5" heeled pumps, 2 colors of 5" heeled strappy sandals, and many colors and shades of hosiery to compliment them) that she would often play through my pantyhose when she was not doing anything in the show.  While it was absolutely wonderful when it happened, it just made me sadder at movie's end. I still wish I could pass enough to wear them all the time.

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Mar 15, 2010