Do They Or Don't They?

After being on this site and exploring a lot of the members and content from men in particular who enjoy watching their wives being with other men, I catch myself looking at couples and friends of mine in "real life" and wondering if they think the same thing SO often now! And in an almost torturous way it is nearly impossible to find out if they are into it other than very careful flirting or conversation dropping...... does anyone have any success in finding out without ruining their friendship or reputation?
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some are afraid to do it with others they know in case things get awkward they don't have to see that person again, that's why most of the time it's with a stranger or someone online more than the person they talk to every single day...

Milky wonders the same thing, aturcervixxx. In the animal kingdom, the lions fight to have exclusive rights to the lionesses. Remember when Scar killed Simba's father? He was one bad *** lion. His voice sounded like that sexy Brit Jeremy Irons. Milky would like to do things to him, but she thinks he bats for the other team. Anyhoo, back to men and their wives vs. animal sex behavior. It is amazing to Milky how many men at EP Fantasyland do not want exclusive rights to their wives booties. She wonders if they are liars, and if you approached them, if they would follow through or say "No way, Dude! I was only joking, playing along with the missus' fantasy. Back away from my woman or I will shove you off Pride Rock!" <br />
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Don't think it's that hard, if they are good friends, just tell them you've visited EP and encountered all those stories here, and that made you think yourself. Eherther you would like that or not, but that you just can't find a way to be sure. So, ask them whther it wold offend tem to share and discuss the idea; you value heir opinion a lot therefore you ask. Within their answer is your answer.<br />