Adding More Everyday

I started this persona on ep as an homage to my wife.  I posted some pictures that would give people a sense of what she looks like and how sexy she is.  I did  a couple of "pieces parts" shots, and a couple so people could get a sense of her body type and size.  I will add more when I find them. Most of my collection of her seems to have become misplaced during our last move.  I have located some polaroids from our early days together, but I have to find time to get to the scanner.

I just got a new sharing friend and looked at the pictures of his wife.  Nice shots of her *****,  and *** but I couldn't tell you how tall she is, I couldn't tell you what dress size she might wear.  When I look at a woman I like to look at the whole woman, (or most of her anyway) so I just suggest that pictures of ***** and *** are fine but how about giving us some sense of the total person and not just that she is female and weather her ***** is bald of not.

gettinsum1 gettinsum1
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1 Response Mar 11, 2010

I envy you, 'cause I'm still looking for a sharing friend to be my swing partner, married or not.