Exposing Wife Fantasy

One thing I have always wanted to do was to have my wife slowly expose herself a little at a time. While we did something like this once in Charlotte, where she wore a loose top that I'm sure our waiter saw downblouse and her perky nipples (the same night where she walked down the hotel hallway and pulled open her top to show her ****).

My fantasy however is for her to wear a black, lace type sheer top with a black lace type sheer bra beneath. she would wear this with a nice pencil skirt and blazer. While in the restaurant, with a male waiter, she would open her blazer and the waiter would get a view of her sheer blouse and would probably see her bra below, but not being able to see her nipples. After ordering and a few hors d'oeuvres, she would go to the restroom and remove her bra. She would now have her blazer closed a little as she returned to her seat and as the meal went on, leave it open to show more and more of her breasts. The sheer top she has, along with the light color of her nipples, would make it hard for someone to really tell if they were seeing her nipples or not.

Finally as we would get ready to leave, she would stand up and get ready to leave, picking up her winter overcoat while moving around with her blazer open for the waiter or anyone in the area to see breast and nipples through the sheer top material. Pulling on her coat, she would go to the restroom where she would take off the coat and blazer and pull off her top entirely. She would put the blazer back on with the coat on top. The blazer would show of her cleavage and her coat would be open. We would walk out of the restaurant with her on my arm and as we walked away from the building to the car she would unbutton the top three buttons of her blazer allowing her breasts to spill out of her jacket into the cool evening night. I would walk her to her side of the car and open her down and help her in while giving her a deep kiss and fondling her breast.

The last part of the restaurant outing would be the ride home. We would take a highway away from our house to the point that it was seldom traveled, and I would have her remove her jacket and blazer entirely. When we would come upon the first abandoned exit, I would take the exit ramp and come to the stop at the end, where I would stop and have her open her window where I would them turn on the interior car light and have her rub her breast while telling me how hot she was from showing off her *******. I would them cross the bridge and head back to our house with her topless, but with her blazer nearby to cover her completely exposed breasts. Finally, when arriving home, I would pull into the garage and then turn the garage out and have her get out of the car topless and walk to the house with her **** exposed to anyone from the neighborhood. Her breasts are really beautiful and they should not be hidden from anyone.
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those bare breasts are beautiful, her nipples are very erotic Thanks for sharing would love to see more!

Everymans fantasy..
I love it

How did I ever miss this story? What great fun, my wife did something quite nice in Vegas with a similar outfit...we didnt do the full fantasy with the drive home, but the waiter and the maitre D' and the busboy all got an eyeful. Or two eyes full

Wow, she had great ****! Thanks for showing them off.

I bet they are. Perfect nipples for sucking too.

I share the very same fantasy. How do you make it happen?

When we were younger, my wife always wore these beautiful sheer bras, often also wearing sheer blouses. I remember an evening we went out with 10-12 friends to a restaurant and with the lighting just right, she was fully on display. At first i was annoyed, but then totally aroused, as i am now thinking bak about it. Nothing more exciting then exposing one's wife in a crowd, in my case, i will never know if she realized just how exposed she was, which made it even more exciting.

Love the story, I live near Charlotte, wish I was at the same restraunt. Any plans of a repeat so I can show up and look at your wife. Would love to see her boobs in person.

Very sexy hope you guys can do it. Sounds exciting and fun ;)

That indeed sounds like a great deal of fun and excitement! I too love when my wife shows a bit of her boobs/nipples while we are out and about. Do all men share this fantasy??

You have wonderful fantasy tales that are very erotic and well told.

It must of been a great revelation. Learning she has dark nipples must of be fun... The fact that she folded her arms and was embarrassed must of added to the delight. I know my wife in this situation did not know just how to react. Part of the pleasure was seeing her so nervious while trying to seem casual.

Great story!! Loved it. <br />
I picked up my wife from work and once in the car the first thing she did was remove her bra. While we drove home we talked about dinner. Decided to stop at a new little place near by. I tried to coax her into just going in braless... but she would not. She retreived a scarf from our car trunk and placed it around her neck letting it cover her visible breasts. <br />
We arrived right before the resturant closed. She felt secure having the scarf surrounding her. Soon we were the only ones in the place. The scarf, as she ate leaned forward into her plate. Because everyone was gone.. she removed the scarf. I was stunned.. her **** visible through her light pink top.. obvious. <br />
Our meal came to an end and the waitress came near asking questions.. How did we like it??<br />
etc.. My wife went on about how good the food was.. asking about spices, what was in the dish.. lavishing compliments. <br />
Minutes later the cook/owner appeared at our table. My wife was stunned by his unexpected presence. Moreover.. he was stunned to see her **** beneath her top ever so present. <br />
"Great food.. to bad we won't return anytime soon", her response. She was red faced... <br />
yet carried out the conversation quite well.

Gosh I so loved your reply.. YES!!!! catching that unexpected glimpse is such a complete turn-on.. She had no intention of revealing anything.. but she did!!!
The joy of the revelation.. "her nipples were much darker than what I had expected".
Learning this little secret nugget is so erotic.. so she has dark ****...

I equally like the thought... "this man knows my wife has big nipples..."

When he see's her the next time.... that secret must play in his mind... ya think???
"Ahhh there is that gal with those nice big ****!!"

Guess I like a guy thinking that.. knowing that about my wife...

Hope the revelation is a turn on...