My Wife Does Kiss And Tell

Each time my wife organises a date with Jon, her new boyfriend, she also automatically arranges to go for a coffee the next day with her best friend so she can tell her what happened the night before. I encourage her to do so and she tells her everything including all the details and together they giggle plenty about it.

The great thing about my wife's best friend is that she doesn't try to lecture her or 'talk her back to reason'. On the contrary, she enjoys my wife's accounts, encourages her to "go for it and keep going for it" and inspires her by sharing the tales of her own infidelities.

Tomorrow my wife's boyfriend should officially become her formal Lover as for their 3rd date he is getting a room somewhere and they've agreed that tomorrow's "the" night... and of course on Sunday my wife is meeting her best friend to tell her all about her lovemaking from the night before!

When her friend comes to our house her attitude towards me has already changed. She used to be a bit intimidated by me but now she has a grin on her face; I can see that the word "cuckold" comes in her mind when she sees me... after tomorrow that grin will be much wider I'm sure!

What a turn-on !!!

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2010

That's the best part is to be exposed and taunted by her close girlfriends. She should lock you in chastity long term while she is out with her lovers.

sounds awesome... I don't quite have the 'confidence' to go that far but I like the idea.

I gotta admit, second to watching my wife getting plowed by a huge ****, the whole dynamic of other people knowing is just the hottest thing about being a cuckold. YES, they DO NOT look at you the same ever again. I agree, "What a turn-on".