They're All Up To It!

A by-product of my wife telling her friends about her lover is that they in turn confide their own infidelities to my wife, and she tells me when she gets home.

It's quite mind-boggling to discover that, out of 4 friends she has now confided in, it turns out that 3 of them are up to something on the side as well ! Two of them are having or have had a lover and went all the way to having sex with them, and the third one is having a discreet liaison which so far has only just gone up to a bit of kissing. The fourth one hasn't done anything with anybody else yet but she hasn't denied that if an opportunity came her way she might go for it !

It would take many more cases to come up with sensible statistics but judging by these four examples it would seem that we're all cuckolds, one way or another !!!

mmm turn-on :-)

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

lol the 4th is to shes just discreet hihihi

Gee your own info tunnel.