What Have You Learned From Life?

If you are on this site and are over 70, I am interested in what you have to say. What have you learned from life? What would you do differently? Are there any big traps of youth that are now so obviously silly?. (I am sure there are wise people under 70, but these people are always on line talking.)
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3 Responses Dec 15, 2007

Hmmmm.....I'm not over 70, only 49......I most definitely would NOT have been so consumed with how I appeared to others or what other people thought of me! Honesty, integrity, empathy -- with these and some similar traits, then be yourself! "To thine own self be true". <br />
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And I would have been more honest & outspoken in a lot of instances, stood up for myself more, instead of letting myself be walked on or manipulated.<br />
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I really could go on & on the more I think about it....and THAT, in essence, I guess is my "wisdom". Live a life that will give you very little to say if ever somebody asks you "what would you have done differently". ;-)

Wisdom doesn't come at a specific time in one's life. You can gain much wisdom from people of various ages as their life experiences have made them who they are.<br />
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I just don't think you should limit your options. There is a lot of insight and wisdom from all ages.

There is one member I know who is active on the site and in that age group. And she is more youthful than I am, at heart!!! :D