all four of my grand parents died before i was born. i feel as tho ive missed a great part of my history. i feel as tho therez something missing. i really do envy friends that  talk about their grandparents lives wen i kno nothing about mines

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I am sorry for those that grew up without grandparents.<br />
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Both my grandfathers were important to me as a child. My grandmothers also but because I saw more of them the time spent with my grandfathers seemed special.<br />
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krysta182, you may be able to learn some things about your grandparents from family history and some of the genealogy sites. It's not the same as knowing them however you may be able to trace your heritage.

Both my grandfathers died before I was born and one of my grandmothers died when I was quite young. I only had one grandmother that I got to know and love. I Too wonder what I might have missed out on. Now I'm 50 and old enough to be a grandmother myself.