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I Soak It Up.

I think wisdom is a combination of knowledge gained from your own life stories with that of others and definitely includes older folk. They have done things that I will never do, and I have gained wisdom from their life.

That of course applies to those people more knowledgeable in areas I want to learn, so they may be physically younger yet more mature in certain areas.

I don't have age barriers.

WiseOldOwl WiseOldOwl 56-60, M 11 Responses May 25, 2008

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i see. Some say I'm wise. I don't think I'm.

Looks like I was several hours late for the group hug, but that's okay :)<br />
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I think another part of wisdom, regardless of age, is the ability to think and assess for oneself. Although there is potential in every interaction for both parties to learn, that might not always necessarily happen in a *positive* way. Young people *do* learn from older people, whether they like to think so or not; we all do. Too often it might be the worst things; what did we say about leading by example back there?! That's why it gives me particular joy when I cross paths with intelligent and aspiring young people who give me hope for our collective future through their obvious enthusiasm to do worthwhile things in their community with their lives.<br />
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Thanks for your thoughts everyone. Enjoying reading this.


Oh datura, you too! Give us a hug. (((HUG))) Everybody join in, come on, you too strawberry.

WOO--just as your name says, your wisdom is seen in the way you conduct yourself here, in the way you speak to people and treat people.. You are a prime example of leading by example--even though you are not yet old!

datura, thanks for your input. That's where "leading by example" enters.

I have a 19 year old son and a 20 year old daughter and sometimes I am amazed at the insightful things they say. I can see the seeds of what will eventually become wisdom growing in them already. And I don't think it is purely parental pride because I have noticed it in their friends also.<br />
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To me wisdom is seen , not primarily when some one is trying to be wise and imparting their advice, but mostly in the way a person handles the ups and downs of life and relates to people on a day to day basis. Wise people don't need to show anyone that they are wise--it is seen in the way they live their lives. Wisdom is a part of who they are.

Yes Treefrogz, it does. I do have some relatives that fell from grace.<br />
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The young ones are variable. I see some making the same mistakes I did and it doesn't seem to make any difference if I warn of the possible consequence. Others do change their ways and often ask for more advice.

I learn an immense amount from my interactions with young people I work with. I agree that in every interaction with every individual, both can learn, simply from their individual differences in experience, regardless of age. However I have made a comment about people on here who are aged less than eighteen, with regard to caution on the net -- again a two way street. No youngster should be exploited, nor any adult misinterpreted.

Thanks ladee54. Regardless of age, it's a two way street. I don't think anyone owns knowledge and wisdom, it should be shared.<br />
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Welcome to EP strawberryshakers! I hope you enjoy your time here.

Young one over here.