Legacy's Story

Legacy’s Story  


The job my wife is involved with puts her in contact with many seniors day in and day out.  We talk often about what goes on with her job and most of it is her telling me stories that she has had told her.  Over the past year I have learned that the elderly people teach by telling stories.  If we want to learn we have to be willing to sit down and listen.  They are so eager for an audience someone to talk to, someone that will listen to what they have to say.  The wisdom is there, are we willing to sit long enough to discover it? 


They tell stories, and hidden within those stories is the wisdom of the ages.  Take the time to listen, spend the time to find out about them.  Take a recorder the next time you visit grandma or grandpa and record in their own words what they have to say.  They have so much to offer, and yet most spend their day’s looking out the window… alone. 


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i wish that my grandparents where around... my fathers mother died when he was 8 and his father died when i turned 8 years of age .. they lived in new jersey so i only met him once when i was 3... i dont remember much but his white hair and golf pants...<br />
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my grandfather on my mothers side they live on the east coast as well is 93 now and he is in hospice i have met him twice and both times he wasnt all there on account of his age....<br />
my grandmother is alive on my mothers side, but she is 73 and very much self involved when ever you talk to her she is always talking about dying even though she isnt that old and yes she has high blood pressure but if she wouldnt stress her self out so much then im sure hers wouldnt be so bad... you will try to get her to talk about better things and how life if going and everything and she always gets mad at you and gives you a look like " why arent you listening on how i want to die and no one cares for me..." or she will go into a guilt trip about something or other. she is always taking about killing herself as well.... but i think that my grandma got a little loopy in her life after being in an abusive relationship and getting knocked in the head a few times( by my mothers REAL DAD who dissapered) now that my step grandpa is 93 and on his way to a better place my grandmother is talking about killing herself and all sorts of stuff.... i just wish that she could teach her children ( 17 of them) and grand children ( dont know how many but a lot i think in the 30's) how to live a good life after loss and stop teaching us all how to die like a mad woman... because she has been checked out she isnt even crazy in the sense that she cant help it ... if that were the case i could understand.<br />
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I know that my parents will be better grandparents once i have children.. its important and i have always felt that i missed out on learning from my elders.