Hell Yes

Hell yes I do.

Who else is gonna know jackshit about life? who else is gonna be able to tell me, tell me what happens, what is, what's going on? My friends are my age and yes, they'r all going to be intelligent because they go to one fo the top universities in the world, but if it's one thing i've learnt is that i don't actually know anything.

When my dad died... when my dad died. i died. bang. i was lying on the floor. and blood was pouring out of my earholes. The pain was so great that the resonances are still rebounding around my brain. I sat down in the dark of the night. right down in the middle of the street. Cars went by, honking and beeping and swerving. But there I sat. Blank. Blank as a stone. Knowing that there were cars dangerously close, knowing that sitting bang in the middle of the road was not the smartest idea i'd ever had, but just not really putting two and two together. I was in my own little world.

The point of this is that, despite this pain, despite this trauma, it is true what someone said to me, "despite how bad this sounds, that is what is gonna make you. It's the tragedies in life and how you deal with them tht make you who you are". And. my god it's true. I am more screwed up, more prone to drinking and eating problems, but i AM wiser. It has added a dimension to my life. That is te idfference between intelligence and wisdom. An intelligent person can know **** loads. He can know every definition in the dictionary and every article in the Britannica Encylopedia. His intelligence and his knowledge is like one long line of lego bricks. Each piece of information, each IQ point, an extra block. So, here we have his intelligence, one long, long stack of multi-coloured lego bricks. Perhaps his knowledge and his intelligence are so great, he can start to put two and two together and make houses and cars and other buildings out of the lego; putting one brick and connecting it to another. He can make pretty little houses and beds for Mrs Legoman and a armchair for Mr Legoman and perhaps a tiny little cradle for baby Legoman. Beautiful. So we have his knowledge and we have his intelligence. A town, a cornicopia of little lego hosues with little lego men and women and children, made out of the tiny little bricks that are his pieces of knowlegde, joined toether by his intelligence.

But a wise man. Well. A wise man knows that life sure as hell ain't made of lego.  

thegreatsmoky thegreatsmoky
1 Response Apr 16, 2009

Wow. My deepest sympathy on the death of your Dad. I am so sorry. My most heart felt advise: The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.