I was home yesterday and had the need to run a few errands. I decided I was going to try to get myself caught in panties, so I put on some full-coverage, nylon panties in pink with a lace if someone saw them, there would be no question that they were panties. Over that I wore some low rise jeans that rode very low on my hips. Unfortunately, it was cold so I had to wear a jacket, but I wore one that didn't go very low on me.

The first stop was the supermarket. I was surprised and a little uneasy to see how crowded it was when I got there, but I tried to keep my nerve. I was in the produce section and I bent over to pick up some vegetables. I kind of lingered a little longer just to see if I could get someones attention. When I stood up and turned around to head back to my cart, a girl passed me walking in the opposite direction. Her eyes met mine and she smiled. I'm not sure if it was a knowing smile, or just being friendly. There was a long checkout line, when I was done shopping, and while I was waiting two girls got in line behind me. As I was waiting my turn, I tried to lean over my cart, like I was just resting on it or something to try and get my jacket to pull up a bit. Again, I'm not sure what they saw, if anything, but at one point they did start whispering to each other. It felt like they were looking at me, but I didn't have the guts to look back at them, so i'm not sure.

Having not found everything I needed, I went to another supermarket. While there, I went to the bakery section. The bread I wanted was on the bottom shelf and way back on it, so I had to squat down and reach way back. There was no question my pink panties were well on display. When I got up and turned around, there was a woman walking by, several feet behind me. She was looking in my direction but walking quickly. I couldn't tell if she had seen or not. Once again, the store was quite crowded, so I didn't get another chance to flash any panty.

My last stop was a drug store to by some allergy medication. The store was almost empty, and as I was approaching checkout there was a guy and a girl working there. Just as I approached, the guy left to go help someone across the store. As the girl was ringing me up, I noticed that there was a refrigerator with some soda and water in it next to wear I was standing. I told her to wait as I wanted to get some water to take with the medication. I bent over as far as I could and stayed down there, acting like I had to reach way back to get the bottle of water. When I stood back up she took the bottle and rang me up quickly without saying another word. She seemed to clearly be uncomfortable, after seeing my panties. I was polite and thanked her and then walked out of the store. It wasn't really the greatest reaction, but I was glad at least someone had seen. I'm hoping I'll get the chance to do this again soon. Maybe I'll try to go back to this drug store more often...
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I left a Walmart after no real sightings and started loading my Jeep. I climbed in the back of the jeep and was certain my panties were showing while I loaded bags. A nice woman about my age walked by and said "Nice Panties" it made my day.

Giggling and pointing and such, is by far the best reaction. I showed off my panties so many times every day that I could, that I bet over a thousand girls have seen my panties and I loved every time. For some reason they won't let me post quite a few stories I have already chronicled.

Teenaged girls give the best reactions - OMGs and giggling.

I was shopping for men's pants. A sales lady asked me if I needed some help. I said yes that I wanted to try on the pants I had picked out. She said to follow her to the men's dressing rooms. Well they were all being used. So I asked her if there was another dressing room I could use. She said that there was a special dressing room for the handicap in the ladies department. I said that would be great. So she led me to the dressing room I entered and closed the door and took off my pants. I was wearing a pair of pink full cut panties with lace around the legs.
While I was bending over to pull up one of the pair pants I picked out my pink bottom was showing. The door opened and the sales lady asked if I needed any help. There I was standing up with the pants down with my panties showing.
I kind of froze and said everything was fine. She stood at the door and asked me if I had bought my panties at the store. She told me that my panties were cute and that I looked nice wearing them. She said she had met a lot of men who wore panties. She said that they use that dressing room for men who shop for ladies clothing. She asked me if I wore other ladies clothing. I said yes and she said to come back and she would help me pick out ladies cloths anytime. She said all the sales ladies are trained to help men find the correct sizes. She said it was store policy.
I now shop at that store all the time and have made good friends with all of the sales ladies. This a true story and the store name is Macy's.

I model my clothes for the ladies! They bring me clothes to look at that I may like.
When I am trying on women's clothes I wear my shape wear to the store. I like to wear corsets that I have made just for me to wear. There is a nice lady I found who can make just about anything. Wearing a long line corset under bust with a push-up bra I try on clothes. And yes the ladies walk in at anytime as I'm trying on things.
As far as my bras I buy them at a special store that sells to women who have some kind of breast surgery. They don't have a problem with me shopping there. I have small breasts but I want them to be a bit larger. So they fit me with a bra that use silicon pads. I also use silicon nipples sometimes.
I have friends with a lot of the sales ladies. The ladies at Macy's give me their employee discount. The owner of the bra shop gives me discounts also. Some of the ladies have even gone out with me dancing and stay for the drag shows.
I buy my shoes at a store called the Shoe Box located in a near by mall. I know the owner very well and he likes to wear panties daily. He also gives me a price break. I try on the shoes in the store with all of the other women. I really don't care who is watchin me as I try on shoes. I could go on and on about where I shop for wigs or have my make overs. I get my nails done at a beauty school very cheap. There are many other stores and people I have found to buy what I need. I have a lot of my skirts and evening dresses made special for me by another lady. She also makes alterations to some of the clothes I buy. I like short skirts and dresses.
If a man wants to dress as a women everyday like me. You have to be bold enough to reach out to stores and other people so a person like me can spend one's money wisely. It is a lot of work to create the illusion of a man who looks like a women. It's a very large investment so there is no purging anymore. When I feel guilty and depressed and feel like purging I just leave my female things alone and let the feeling pass. It may take months for the urge to purge but I just control myself!
Sorry about the long drawn out reply.

Done it lots of times. My favorite way is to dig for change in my front pants pockets and pull down the waistline to reveal my panties to the girls at the till in a store. The best place to flash that ive found is an ice cream parlour. Usually two girls working with a good view while they scoop.