Sunshine Of A Woman

Latelly I've been blown away by an inspirational woman.

The  Brazilian actress Susana Vieira. In her grand age of 67,  keeps working as an actress, she is full of life, like a sunshine. She is in a relationship with a younger producer, but you can see them happily together, where she struts beautifully confident.


Below you can see her in the carnival  in Rio. .

The joy of life is what I find really inspiring. Doing what gives you joy and not stoping yourself by worrying what other people may think of you.

I love to see inspiring women. I know amazing inspiring women in my life... Let's all live and let live.

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3 Responses May 12, 2010

great story. I am so amazed

great story FB ... an inspirational woman ...

She is 67 !!!! Impossible.Wise i could have the body.Mine have since balloon since taking steriod.No worries.I am on the exercise bike for 30 mins each day.I will be like her soon.