Life Triumphs

Life triumps in tiny moments. I just walked past an elderly-care home and saw an old women sitting alone looking out the window. For some reason I followed an instinct and smiled and waved at her. I could tell that made her happy. It might be the best thing I´ve ever done in my life.

Joelisa Joelisa
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It is amazing how a small action can be such a blessing to someone. People call me to nice, but I speak to people and help them in any way I can. I find joy in blessing other people. That just me.

thats great.i did that as a little girl.only difference is i am the one at the window.i say hello or hi oo good morning.i was a adopted and abuse joy was to make others happy.

That was a most beautiful gesture Joelisa !<br />
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I can assure you that you will never know just how much love that gesture showed that lady.<br />
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I (before my car accident) volunteered regularly at our local aged care home, helping the elderly stay fit and remain mobile with some gentle pilates classes.<br />
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I got to know some of them well, and it is heartbreaking when they sit at a window *hoping* someone from their family will visit them.<br />
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My wife and my daughter, often go and spend a feww hours reading the newspaper or singing for these folk. They just need to know someone still cares.

I love this story. And a lesson for all of us. Thanks :)

Great stuff Joelisa - so much positivity comes from a small gesture - it possibly is the best thing you have ever done ...

This is nice ..........<br />
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Once I also get a chance in my life to do like this <br />
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Danny Michael<br />
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