Whats The Point Of War?

have you ever noticed thats most wars are started because of a misunderstanding or just because 2 powerful figures dont get along. Its kinda ridiculous. Our leaders are like children. They cant fight their own battles so instead they have their groups fight for them. Its like a fight in high school. 2 people cant just fight themselves and settle their own battles. They have to get all their friends involved too. When is the world going to grow up? Obama says that he wants more people to become scientists. What for? so we can build and create more weapons instead of worrying about whats more important. Or maybe he just wants to improve technology so that people become lazier and overweight. Maybe what he should really do is get them to come up with a way to improve technology to where machines dont do everything for us. But anyway back to war... All war is, is a big competition. Its all about who has the bigger guns and better army. If we all stopped caring about stupid little things like that, then maybe it would be possible to live at peace.
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that would be awesome!

Wars may appear to begin for childish reasons - and in some cases that may be so - but there's usually someone who wants the war because it's good for their business.<br />
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Scientists do more than build weapons, but you're right in that governments are often looking for ways to use new technologies to give them an edge in war.<br />
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One of the propositions for nanotech was to engineer foods that would taste good, but wouldn't make us obese. That sounds like something worth researching.

I agree.

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Very true.

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