Sick Of The Lies And Deceit

I could easily and happily live my life without killing or maiming another human,and intend to do so.I dont find this hard,but I do find it the only rational outlook to have.I cannot see it happening unfortunately,and sincerely hope Im wrong.But it would take a tremendous upheaval of the system in place,and removal of those who have forced it on us,manipulating society to such a degree that people cannot remember how far removed we are from our starting point.Just before I came here,I noticed another group,"I HATE PAEDOPHILES",and saw it had around 500 more members than this one.And thats how it is here on earth,always more willing to sign up to hate than those who would wish for a more loving world.The authorities lie and deceive to such an extent that it is foolish to believe what reasons they give for their actions,and it doesnt take much to read between the lines and see where they are leading us.People need to do their homework and find out the truth about the history and bloodlines of the elite running the world,and running it solely for their own benefits,caring nothing for those who die needlessly for their depraved greed and bloodlust.Anyone who has the trappings of success,the adulation or respect of the masses,is a false idol to mislead people from the important and worthwhile pursuts in life.And the elite are awesomely efficient at what they do-mind control,with the intent of becoming fully in control of each and every one of us,and the technology to do just that.They have used the money taxed from us to create another world or reality by the unbelievable advances they have financed with unbelievable black budgets,keeping it from the very people who supplied the means,us.We will never achieve what we want with this corrupt system now in place,and I think it totally right,fair and justified to demand a change from a system which creates war for many evil reasons,power being the main one.There is no satisfaction for the elite,not until they have everything,leaving nothing for the rest in the world,and not giving a damn about it.I hear the echoes of a jack booted junta sounding in the corridors of power,slowly strangling any form of resistance from their path.They consider us fools,expendable fools.Its time we stopped proving them right.
pedrohedgerow pedrohedgerow
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3 Responses May 6, 2012

This world needs some kind of hero, it's descending further and further into a blackness that cannot be reached once it's gone too far deep into. I dislike the world for the horrid humans that lie within the shadows, the leaders who want to change the world THEY see fit and not how it would benefit everyone else. So much death, lies, chaos and anti-compassion, when will it end...?

It's not the world or earth you hate, it is the end of your idealism. As we grow up, we look for the good in human kind, and when you find that there is more destruction than love here, you get jaded. It is hard to remain optimistic in this world. We need to come home from Afganistan and keep our nose out of other countries' business. When I was a child, I thought the police could do no wrong. Then I grew up to find none of us are safe, there is meanness everywhere, but I keep slogging on, hoping that there is good here. I have found some, and it gives me hope.

I hate the earth. I think the majority of people are here to **** my life up.

I know how you feel.I discovered EP by entering "I hate this world" in search.