World Peace Is Easier To Achieve Than We Think

I was asked what I would focus on if I were to enter the pageantry world as a Miss or Mrs. and made it all the way to world or universe ranks, what would my focus as the reigning queen be.

I was told years ago by a girl in Ohio that I'd be a perfect Miss or Mrs. World because I'm so friendly and loving and I care about humanity. I am quite popular for my stand against profane, vulgar and derogatory terms that are used towards human beings by fellow human beings. My ex-brother-in-law even stated six Christmases ago that I care about humanity when I got riled up about human beings being called witches with a b in place of the w.

I don't care if you are the angriest person in the world. You have no right whatsoever to be calling your fellow human being that's living, breathing and trying to survive in the same planet as you such terms.

A witch with a b is a female dog. If you can't tell the difference between a female dog and a human being, you need to educate yourself. The same goes for an lass minus the l, which is a donkey, a slit with a u in place of the i, which is a prostitute and to which I defend because they are also human beings, and on and on. The term, flock with a u in place of lo, means to copulate and the term, copulate, means to have sex with. Many in this world have dirtied so many words causing harm to so many people's emotional states and sometimes physical states. (I had to do revisions of the dirty words so they would not be censored.)

People get killed for the most stupid reasons. You looked at me wrong. You can't wear that color because it's mine. Etc. Years ago, a man shot the father of a boy who wouldn't stop talking in the movies. The father and this man exchanged heated words in the theater. The man shot him and resumed watching the movie all because the father defended his son, who was talking during the movie.

People blame Hollywood. Hollywood blames the parents. Someone said on TV that the monster didn't go into the streets from the home but rather from the home into the streets. The parents blame the school teachers. The school teachers blame the system in place.

The blame game never ends. It needs to be terminated.

People think it's hard to achieve world peace. Maybe with how bad our worldwide system has become, it looks hard. But you know what? No, it's not hard. It starts with loving yourself and others around you. Love is the strongest force out there. If we unite in love, there's no distance too far, no barrier too large, no ocean too deep, no galaxy too untouchable to feel the strength, the bond and the joy. It has to begin with us in our hearts. World peace can be achieved if we EACH start with ONE. If we, as people, each take a stand and say "I love me and I love you."

If you love someone, you won't hurt them just because you are mad. If you love someone, you won't have a vocabulary that spits venomous words just because you are upset. If you love someone, you will help them because you want to and not to gain gratuity of any kind. If you love someone, you won't take advantage of them. The list goes on and on.
My focus, if I entered the pageant world, would be what it has been my whole life: humanity. World peace can be achieved if we each want it.

People strive for things they want. People endeavor to make their dreams come true. If we put that same effort into the goal of world peace, it would happen. Crimes of the heart and more wouldn't be settled for because they'd be fought against. Crimes of physical natures are fought against in our system. Imagine the world we could live in if crimes of the heart were also fought with and obliterated.

Will to strive for world peace. It can happen if we start with I and extend it out to "you and I".
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Jul 1, 2012