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To Stop The Hate

There is an initiative on the internet and I had to share it and spread it, please check the below, download these pictures and spread them everywhere, put them as your profile photo in any social network, on your FB page, wherever you can, if you really care for world peace and want the world to stop hating and stop killing because of this hate not because of anything else.

MissGaga MissGaga 22-25, F 18 Responses Sep 22, 2012

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Hey, missgaga,

I know I'm a little late on this but I just recently saw this story. I'm not even going to bother reading any of the comments below; no disrespect to anyone. I already know how controversial the video is and I can only imagine what people have to say about it. I'm speaking directly to you when I say this...I am not a Muslim, although I do have friends that are, but I still found the video to be very offensive. However, you cannot be angry with Youtube for not removing the video. In the U.S. we do have freedom of speech. I do wish that video was never created at all but it does not violate their policy. If Youtube removed all videos that people found to be offense...well lets just say that there wouldn't even be enough videos worthy of keeping the website.

I know that I'm very late on this boycott that already happened but I would just like to say a few things. I noticed that the title says "Stop the Hate", I think you failed to see the contradiction in this. If you want peace or anything close to it, you can't advocate hatred to overcome hate. You can't proclaim that Youtube or Google is anti-Islamic, that is a very bias accusation. You cannot overlook that even though Youtube will not remove the video, they are still the same website that has videos that encourage Islamic acceptance.

I despise Islamic propaganda that influences violence and prejudice thinking; like shooting a innocence woman because someone thought she was a terrorist. Do not turn your anger towards Google but rather at the person who made the video. That is the person that is actually at fault.

This generation is cruel to Muslims and it's only going to get worse. It is something that you are going to have to come to terms with. In order stop the violence, hatred, prejudice and to spread tolerance you must educate them.

Knowledge is power, Missgaga.

I usually hear people say "peace be upon you" but I'll say this...I hope you find peace within yourself because I really hope you do...that's the greatest challenge.

It's like the devil himself asking this!

It's like the devil himself asking this!

It's like the devil himself asking this!

We should flag this & see how u want/like to be shut down! ? huh? You people not only are evil, your offensive in so many levels that you need to stop...~ hypocrites! You all been hating on the Jews now it's us can't stand it if there's no drama & wars & control! That’s evil @it's highest level, you all should be ashamed! Over a stupid film one of your ppl did in my country & gt;? See how ironic & crazy this is? OMG! We were at that point of peace until you ppl! We were at peace, we are a peace collation Nation! Collation Nation! That arab shouldn't be on youtube it is 4bidding! But eh did anyway to see how he is controlling things there, he didn't say a dam thing about any of it could a grown man act so child like? I'll blow your fence over b/c u touched mine. get a grip this is delusional. we in my Country should not even be discussing these matters, it’s not ours to wear, we aren’t you ppl,nor are we china, nor the man on the moon…if we went over there & started demanding that they do as we do…and ya think a child is going to ahem…be reading this if u all get mad@something on youtube? LAUGH & THE WORLD LAUGHS W/YOU! That’s your peace! Peace! Don’t use it if ur not going to use it..(Peace) and you ppl threaten us w/your bombs! Is this sum kind of sick joke?

How are you a girl....w/a lil boy piture?

We should flag this & see how u want/like to be shut down!?huh? You ppl not only are evil,your offensive in so many levels that you need to stop...~ hypocrites! You all been haten on the jews now it's us,u can't stand it if there's no drama & wars & control! Thats evil @it's hightest level,you all should be ashamed! Over a stupid film one of your ppl did in my country>? see how ironic & crazy this is? OMG! We were at that point of peace until you ppl!


The truth will not only set u all free & at peace, you can learn from it! The truth never changes,lies will contnue & snow ball right into hell! Go with in or go with outღღ

The floodgates of light comes shining through,truth equal freedom...then the light,the ENERGY of TRUTH and LOVE follows>>
Love is all there is,we were created with it's propriety's. Energy and light though w/it's only truth it's ever known~I am the aurthor.®

My notes I wrote on truths: Truth never locks a door! However, it will give you enough hands to grab yes,b4 u let ppl close doors of truth on you, give us your hand.Truth is like the ocean waves,riding ,surfing as we go. All truths are necessary to function with excellence. Truth opens the gait to freedom! I am the aurthor.®

The God/Creator said this~
Call on me,whenever you are separate from the peace that I am~

I will be there~

With Truth~
And light~
And love~
All things blend into one~
One energy of light,love & truth~Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ~

No, and w/women being Exploited 9/11 got less exospores, (blamed us even//liars!) ‘Hate is what they did when they started all the crap! I only watch a minute of that film b/c of all the huff, it wasn’t anything to kill a dozen ppl over, start a dam war etc. You dammed false religion is what’s spreading hate, lies propaganda not to mention your honer killing, that’s the honer in murdering your own flesh & blood b/c they have a GOD/CREATOR given free will to think for themselves! I am so offended right now, you have no idea! God is not a religion nor is religion he! God will tell you ppl his truth when you all stop telling him yours! Lies will continue to snowball l into a big up to do about not a dam thing! The reason why u ppl hate/lie & kill/murder is b/c none of you have a sense of humor in the 1st place, that’s your problem..

My COUNTRY was built on free will w/God/Creator being the author of the freedoms Amendments/Constitution & bill of rights etc…we died & cried, sacrificed & will keep guarded forever! We cannot go backwards to the caves, this is the new millennium & if u see a miracle, its b/c u did a thing right & the comics/universe gave back! Why do u think u ppl are forever in wars/(u start, always did 4ever) your awful religion/laws are not of the God/Creators laws, witch is the universal law he created.

Your religions have built up whole theologies around this misconception. And that's what it is, literally: a misconception. For anything, God conceives all that which he gives life is perfect: a perfect reflection of perfect itself, made in the image & likeliness of God. Yet, in ORDER to JUSTIFY the IDEA of a PUNITIVE God, YOUR RELIGIONS NEEDED to CREATE SOMETHING for HIM 2b ANGRY ABOUT. So that even those ppl who lead exemplary lives somehow need 2b saved. If they don't need to be saved from themselves, then they need from their own built in imperfections. So you all say, you better do something about all this and fast or you'll go to hell. He gave us choices & free wills, but you have him set it up this way. Perfect as we are through him, by him...we are him [we are Gods] you choice the negatives. You were told from your early life that you were born in sin, feel guilty as a learned response, you all accepted that you bad. How could we be when God is perfect & gave us our own choices? It's these choices that religious one believed that made them accept it & not feel good about themselves. This alleged state of imperfection in which you are, said to have come into this world, is what your religionist have the gull to call original sin. It's Original sin but not yours. It’s the 1st sin 2b perpetuated upon you by a world that knows nothing about God if it thinks God would….could…._create anything imperfect~

No, he did not set it up this way. You can decipher this if you ask; it is true that if u ask, you will receive. As I know when I did this b/c none of the religion or the ppl in it, never sat right w/me. I knew something was missing, it was not working w/my truth, it did not fit in the square peg, and so I went on a mission to find the truth. I found it as at times it was upsetting to me, I trusted God as I always did, he always gave me a safe place to land. I will always stay with the truth and never go back to the way & ways man told me to. Man isn't the purveyor of truth. My choice, my will and my truths, not my sin/s, as my God intended it to be. I will not own it. Just stay w/the truth, Gods ok w/that, stop spanking yourselves, we are perfect.... mistakes are just learning tools, you learn from the results~~

You know, this kind of BS only makes me even more pissed off at the muslims. Some guy on our side make a crappy film that nobody would have even heard of, they murder embassy staff, and WE'RE the haters? I understand that you want peace and love in the world, missgaga, but you don't make peace by silencing people so as not to offend savages. Appeasement has been tried many, many times in the past, and it doesn't work. If they respected life, let alone freedom, they wouldn't have murdered innocent people.

I don't really believe in all this "media" spreading things.It's like: I'm on FB, I pressed like on a persons *post*. And now I have shown that I care.<br />
But mainly, what you just did was just to press a Like button. You didn't do anything to contribute to the world peace you talk about.<br />
And no, there will never be peace. we are humans. Everything on earth fights for something. But we all fight for survival. One way or the other.

All things are possible, we must stop religions esp like that. That is what feeds the hate. It is only impossible until someone does it~

Great answer you have there though,how true it is!

"We are Legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget" Is that sentiment really something to be proud of ?

Yup I think it is! Never give up your rights or forget your humiliation, nothing wrong about standing up for yourself.

Yeah, I call BS on the anonymous poster. They don't support silencing people just to appease zealots.

not really a youtube follower, so it is an easy task to do and worthwhile for my religion-ISLAM....this is the least that i can do...thanks my friend for the reminder...:)

If this post is about that Innocence of Muslims going around, I saw the trailer for whatever this is...I don't think it is proper to deem it a movie, it is a bunch of nonsensical bullshit, that I can't believe someone put the time and effort into making...I hope most Muslims and people in general realize, all it is doing is trying to encite more hate, something we don't need, we all need to rise above it!

We do realise that, that's why we are asking for actions to be taken, to deter people who are trying to spread hate under the name of freedom of speech, and that's why I am calling for a boycott, it is a non-violence way to stop such hatred.

It's an excellent idea, but most likely not gonna solve the hate, some people just always will hate and their actions will be despicable regardless of whatever religion, gender or race they are or belong to. But I applaud you for your passion!

will do :)

My nation has already stopped buying their products, i hope our govt. puts up a ban on it. that would be something worth protesting for!!

Your whole nation has stopped buying the free Youtube huh? Perhaps you mean the Google products, ie. android. Well I guess there's five bucks they're never going to see.


personally i will definitely do it in shaa Allah.but will nt b able to post it anywhere else.and thank you for making me aware of it.thanks for share.may Allah bless you.sunshines!

You have all kinds of anti this and anti that. People need to learn to not be so sensitive. Nobody freaked out about Religilous or **** Christ. I'm vehemently again censorship.

Sorry, when a 5 Million droller film is produced ONLY to mock and disrespect our religion we gotta think they are anti- Islam, or what do you think? It is not me who is saying anti-Islam but read everywhere, this is how the film is viewed by everyone including your government who are pretending to be upset over it, but that's not the point, I thought it should be obvious to everyone that such film isn't a lovely thing to do - No it is not over sensitivity, when the entire western world is mocking us, there should be an action taken, there has been disrespect going on in the US, Germany, France, Denmark etc... yet you think we are over sensitive? It should be, people need to learn how to respect others. - **** Christ? As a Muslim I do not allow this, right there, this is respect.

I apologize. I saw the trailer ....15 minutes of hog slop. If someone spent 5 million dollars making that movie, then someone is even a bigger idiot than I thought. When I fear for freedom of speech, it makes my blood boil. I would go to war to protect your right to insult my religion. I don't think fundamentalist Muslims can even grasp that concept.

Freedom of speech was never the freedom to insult others' beliefs!!! Are you honestly convinced that I am free to insult you? Freedom of speech is the right to express your opinions and criticise in a respectful way, making disgusting movies disrespecting others is an uneducated way to spread hatred and conflicts, still not able to see the difference between the two? People got to learn what freedom of speech is.

Puck define freedom of speech please

Puck everyday christians and jews do something terrible about islam. What does it mean? Are they scared of the tuth?
The west claims to be a civilized one but they have showed how civilized they are

I cannot understand your way of thinking. Freedom of speech means you have the right to make fun of me, my religion, my family. Of course you shouldn't scream fire in a crowded theater. We, have the freedom to criticize our government without fea of punishment. If someone wants to alienate themselves by insults, then they have the right to do so. Being cruel is it's own punishment because it makes people not like you, and you become lonely, but to kill and destroy over some silly words is the pinnacle of savagery.

Puck, there is a huge difference between practicing ones right to freedom of speech and mocking. Freedom of speech is (or I’m sure was intended to be) having the right to disagree with someone or something like a government or religion. In other words, to have the right to shout out loud I don’t believe in God or any prophet without being jailed for doing it. But all that these people have made is a movie mocking a character, religion and any people that follow the religion. This falls much more in the boundaries of hate speech with the intent to incite violence, exactly as it did. There should be laws against inciting public violence, and sane reasonable courts to deal with people that do.
Maybe some morons actually found the movie funny, or saw some artistic value in this ‘freedom of speech’.

I deleted my last reply because it was over dramatic and getting off topic. I'm only speaking the truth when I say that the airwaves in Iran, Palestine, and several other middle eastern countries were filled with insults to the Jews long before this sickening movie ever came out. People shouldn't demand a standard from others that they are not willing to have themselves.

I think there are guilty parties on both sides of most fences. Guilty of trying to spread and fuel hatred. But imagine a USA where the majority of the citizens felt that the making of the movie had nothing to do with a group of individuals expressing their right to freedom of speech. Where the majority clearly saw it for what it is, which is to try and spread hate. Imagine they felt that that was an undignified and improper thing to do, based simply on their morals, believing it is unnecessarily disrespectful of another culture, regardless of who or what culture . Imagine they went out and protested just for one day against those individuals, stating they disagree with people like that. Protesting about the motives of the person and bad taste of the movie. You know what I think would happen if it was like that? I think many millions of Muslims (and many others which aren’t Muslims) around the world would gain a new respect for the American people. They would see that it is a nation that stands up for right and wrong, and for the simple respect of others. A nation with decent values that believe in the right for every culture to be treated with respect and dignity. And when that type of message is sent out to the world, it’s difficult not to get respect in return. It’s difficult for the average person to say, “Look, these are people that do not even believe in what we believe yet they are standing up for us to say we deserve basic respect. I hate them!” Only the extremists amongst the people (and we know that is the minority of Muslims and people of other religions, and I count a person that makes a movie like this as an extremist because he knows well what he’s doing) will be left more or less isolated in his attempts to spread hate amongst the people on the street who have no real wish for tension, hate or war. Just a one day mass US protest over an issue like this could change the state of affairs in a massive way. It could probably save many lives. It doesn’t take some politicians to come up with some miracle solution to public tension. I believe all it takes is for the majority of people to stand up for what is right and show respect for others. The solution may sound too simple but it’s the basic road to peace, or at least keep stability in ones own country, where for example Muslims living in the US will not feel anger towards the average American because they will feel assured it’s not how the average American feels about it. Anyway, I’m starting to ramble big time so before I get carried away…..yea, it’s all about respect I reckon

Yes missgaga, freedom of speech IS the freedom to insult other's beliefs, especially when they take any questioning of their being right as an insult. And yes, you are free to insult me. I'm what's called a civilized human being. I take take a verbal jab and not go on a killing spree.

You sir are full of blue mud.You will never know or understand freedom.

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