To Stop The Hate (2)

Hi People,

This is a second part of my above story, it is nothing, I just wanted to highlight some stuff like how we should  boycott Google and YouTube in these two day.

You might don't be using them directly in these two days but they are still earning through you, meaning that you should close your accounts , Gmail accounts, you tube accounts and so on,  I personally don't have a Gmail account but I am closing my YouTube one.

If you cannot give up your account at least  remove them from being your home page, note that websites do earn a lot being the home page on your browser.

You should also remove the browser itself if it relates to Google, even if you are not gonna use it, they will still benefit from its existence. 

Finally, the obvious way of boycotting which is stop using them directly.

MissGaga MissGaga
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3 Responses Sep 23, 2012

Here's another reason to delete my gmail account yay!! It reminds me with my psycho ex and now here's another reason, imma delete it today! plus yahoo mail always rocks! it suits my personality haha

Ridiculous. The point should be to be tolerant. We already fought a war for free speech. It was called the Civil War. How dare anyone try to take that away just because religious feelings were hurt. Boohoo. I don't see Buddhists or Hindus or Christians or Jews out there terrorizing just because someone hurt their religious feelings. Islamists need to realize that they will always draw criticism as long as they defend deplorable behavior. I wonder why they are an easy target? Oh, maybe it's because they like crazed lunatics when someone doesn't play nice. Wah wah wah.

Don't have a youtube account but will not use gmail from now on! :)