When Children Die

Just heard another story. Three Syrian children have passed in Zaatari camp in Jordan. The children were cold. In other words, a blanket would have spared their death. A blanket.

An 11-month-old was murdered by an Israeli bomb in Gaza. The son of a BBC employee. A cute boy with adorable dimples. My son's almost 8 months. I can't. I can't imagine their pain. The mere thought makes me want to hide him from our cruel, cruel world.

I've heard the words spoken too often, "A good Muslim is a dead Muslim." I understand your fear. I, too, would be scared if I believe a certain group would hurt my child. I understand your hate. I, too, would hate if anyone dared injure my little one. But, If I hate, like you hate then this world will continue to murder children. I, the Muslim, choose to say, "Ok, a good American is a peaceful American." And to say, "A good Israeli is a peaceful Israeli." Even if the latter is one of the most difficult sentences I've ever had to think, let alone write and publish.

See, I come from hundreds of people who were thrown away from Palestine. So many of my own family have passed due to Israeli bombs and Israeli atrocities. My family starved. They had to walk in the night, flee from their home and make a new one in a neighboring country. Still, I don't wish any Israeli to starve. I also don't wish for any Israeli child to be forced to leave their toys behind. I definitely don't wish for any Israeli child to die because of a bomb or a lack of a blanket.

How many children have to die before the world screams, "ENOUGH."
Don't you know that pain is a universal emotion. It doesn't care what religion you believe in or what color your skin is. When you lose a child, you will feel more pain than any human being should ever feel.

No child should die as a result of a cruel act or the lack of a kind one.

silverlining07 silverlining07
26-30, F
Nov 29, 2012