End The Suffering

I'd give anything for world peace, to lessen the suffering of humanity. I don't see why we have to fight such wars. I don't know the details off current affairs, but I wish everyone could find a peaceful resolution.
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Many people feel the same way you do and I feel for you. The Bible at Isaiah 9:7 says," To the increase of his rulership and to peace there will be no end, In the throne of David and on his kingdom in order to establish it firmly and to sustain it through justice and righteousness, From now and forever. "This scripture shows that God will bring peace to the earth through His Kingdom and that it will remain forever.
Encouraging point isn't it?

<p>I, just like you, desire world peace in all it's entirety. However, I realize and have come to know from a serious examination of the Bible that humans will never be able to accomplish world peace, or universal peace without direction and oversight from God (Jeremiah 10:23). <br />
What is needed and will soon completely take control, is a Theocratic World Government that has laws and principles ba<x>sed on God's Word the Bible. Everyone earthwide would/will be happy willing subjects of this heavenly ba<x>sed government, because divisive factors that cause or encourage hatred, prejudices, oppression, violence, and the like will be totally eliminated.<br />
With Jesus Christ as the ruler of his heavenly Father's Kingdom/Government, earthwide peace and security will be abundant for all. (Matthew 6:9,10; Isaiah 9:6,7; Psalms 37:10,11). Even those who have fallen victim to the "enemy" death will be restored to life by means of a beautiful miracle called the "resurrection". It is a promise from God (Isaiah 26:19; John 11:11-45; Acts 24:15).<br />
Yes, it's a noble lofty idea that humans have, the achieving of world peace, but only God can bring about a permanent change. (Daniel 2:44).</p>