Peace In the Night

Peace In The Night
          In the middle of that lonely night,
When the whole world is asleep
I am awake and am sitting outside
Gazing at the Big Dipper and Orion
Constellations and the beautiful stars
I see the moon illuminating the night
And I see light and beauty in darkness
The darkness I dreaded when I was young

This night now has become my abode
I feel peace in everything that surrounds me
I see those green calm leaves, hush
Resting peacefully after their tiring
Photosynthetic production in the light
I also see darkness at peace with herself
Unlike the light, I don’t see her move
The light that casts different shadows
At different times of the cruel day
But the shadows of the night, I can’t see
That brings peace and heals my soul

I wish I could stay in that night embracing
The peace and beauty within the darkness
But the sun continues its journey to visit
The beautiful night on this side of my world
And forbids me from enjoying that night
By taking away the darkness away from me

The nights so alluring with their beauty
The nights so healing with their caresses
The nights so peaceful with their presence
I wish those nights stayed eternal to me love light and peace.,. phoenix
firebird firebird
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2007