Really Now?..

interesting, i been huffing **** with a GIRL named HURL?!?!... *takes huff* that's gay, i thought for sure he... i mean she was a guy.. making it NOHT gay.. but fulluh bromace.. SO MUCH disappointment on mauh half... *takes another huff and passes it to SHE-DEVIL hurl*
Doxtah Doxtah
26-30, M
1 Response Sep 18, 2012

Sorry to disappoint you =[

damnit now i feel bad.. i can get used to this new and ****-less (still noht gay) you.. you're, still mauh p-nutty buddy regardless! =D

I could start taking testosterone if it would make you feel better, just gimme the word.

LMFAO gross, you with chest hair and a stache.

Anything for frands =/

D: it's ok, i'll keep you the way you are! =D


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