Like a Dream

I want you

like someone who loves

and needs the air to breathe

without haste or forcing

but forever.


I want you

for thousand reasons

because you are

magic and sweet

captivating and intriguing

because you are



I want you

because you are

sensitive and strong

to impose my longing

for you.


I want you

to walk hand in hand

to talk and dance

to sit in the sands

of this dream

close to me

as if your presence

was the continuation

of me.


I want you

in my dreams

in my thoughts

in my visions

in my life.


I want you

friend, man and lover

cheerful and smiling

to make me drunk

of you.


I want you


to kiss your tears away


to hold your hand


to invite into my dreams


I want

your soul

to enlace me

your heart

to pulsate with me

for logical

and insane reasons.


I want

to kiss your mouth

to taste you

to make you mine

to complete me

to know you


I want you

because I want

to be with you

now and forever.


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6 Responses Mar 15, 2009

Amazing and beautiful poetry as always. Words as fresh as the day they were written.

Your words are so magical. If I had you I would be in heaven.

You write poetry like a masterful artist paints masterpieces. <br />

Your words amaze me. Smiles

TP....when you find him, don't ever let him go...not even in death.

I want you to keep us enchanted with your majic poems is a song we all love . Thanks for sharing . Luv u