I can't believe what has happened! The girl i've been wanting and waiting for 4 years said that she loves me. Im in a shock. Is this a cruel joke or is it real. I feel so happy and scared at the same time. I know i want her but is she sure? Im scared that this is just some kind of phase for her to ''payback'' all i've done for her. She said I saved her life by being by her side when everyone else left even she treated me badly. I can't wait to see her in two days to see how things go. I miss her so much and this feels like im living in a dream. Maybe im in a coma?
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Enjoy it,
you were there for her when she needed u so she is here for you now

Thanks for the comment and sorry for late reply. I try to enjoy it :)

Enjoy this wonderful time even if it evaporates like a dream in the end. Right now she loves you and wants to be good to you. Enjoy the anticipation and delight!

Thanks for your words. Im trying my best to cope :)

It has been a month since your first post, what happened?