Please Ur Opinion-i Ask My Circle..

I want ur honest opinion about me.What do u think about me?..the truth..even those who are very close to me i want them to answer and please please the truth.

annasangels annasangels
18-21, F
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you are a true angel believing inn faith and hope with a heart of gold .

you are one of the most tue angel's that i ever meant.

thanxs..i m glad i found this place..i m so lucky..well i dont want anyone to worry,thats the last thing i want..really thanxs

I think you are a beautiful person and growing more caring and loving everyday. You have many people on EP that care and yes worry about you at times, but that is what friends are for. You inspire others to be the best that they can be. You do this by example and it is encouraging to see that coming from a young person. <br />
<br />
Continue growing within yourself and you will be amazed at where you end up in this world. I think you will have a lot of younger people looking up to you. Because of what you have lived through, what you have learned and most important, how you treat others regardless of how they treat you.<br />
<br />
Those are my thoughts. You should be proud of what you have accomplished within yourself as a person, I know many of your friends are.

true Angel..


you are very very special .

if i could make you smile than that makes me very happy Angel! Thx for being you!

u made me smile..thanxs dad..for everything

Angel words are not enough to say what I think of you<br />
There are so many special things that you do<br />
<br />
Your always willing to help a friend<br />
your willingness to give of yourself never ends<br />
<br />
Your one of the most special people in the world to me<br />
your a very important part of my family <br />
<br />
I've known you now for only a little while<br />
but you always manage to make my heart smile<br />
<br />
sometimes your pain brings tears to my eyes<br />
and I always find it hard to say our good byes<br />
<br />
I am so very happy that you are here<br />
I really think your very very special my dear<br />
<br />
I am so very proud to say I am your Dad<br />
and you always make me feel so glad<br />
<br />
I love you so much, but those words just won't do<br />
to say how much I think of you<br />
<br />
You have brought so much joy to me<br />
I wished that you could see<br />
<br />
The angels that I know are all around you<br />
and you have a very special angel you know its true<br />
I think maybe she is how I found you.<br />
<br />
your my Angel and I thank God everyday your in my life!

try to avoid the dark..sometimes it comes but i try to avoid it

think your the best. even if we dont kno each other except on line. your sitll the sis i never had and always wanted. ur my angel and i love you!! ur the best sis in the world!

yeah..but i should better..

Hey sweetness! you are warm-hearted, nice, kind, sweet and lovely person. you have nice and bright soul. I am glad you are one of my friend. Hugs*


I think you truly are an angel. I've read about what you've been through, talked to you about what drives you and what makes you feel happy and full of light. You are a wonderful young woman and are a beacon of light to those you want to help and heal.

Angles, you are a young lady who is going through some hard times and at the same time you are trying to find out who you are. You are a very sensetive girl with a truely kind heart and a good sense of right and wrong. When you get through the rough times right now, you can look forward to a rich and full and happy life. You have so much to offer.

socrates i m asking my circle..but thanxs

We've not know each other on EP for long, but from the small amount I do know about you, you seem to be a very positive and caring person.<br />
Bright Magickal Blessings to you and yours.<br />

You have not provided any details about your self,that I could use as a basis for having an opinion.

Real Angel of EP family that flies and spread smilies on face of family members... and we respect you... <br />
<br />
<br />

No offense! But maybe you are a bit lazy at times ;) If you want to initiate a conversation it would be nice if you wrote more than just "How r u?" :) But you seem like a loving and considerate person to me.

i think you're a sweet girl, a child at heart, someone who 's still full of innocence:)

You are very beautiful person inside and also outside. You are my great friend and i am here for you if you need. You are very sweet and very loving young lady. I admire your passion and a positive energy. You are true angel... Thank you , i am pleased to be your friend. Hugs*


You're a complete sweetheart, a kind and loving person.

Angel~ Though we have been friends for such a short is not the length of time that determines a true friend. There many redeeming qualities you bring to ep, your laughter, the way you get us thinkin', The way your halo covers us all with love! You are a giver, and we are the better for it!<br />
<br />
Bless you,<br />
<br />

you know, it's not easy for me. Because I don't know you so well and I never want to hurt anyone. And that's the reason why I can't say ob<x>jective criticism. But I will try to be honest. What I think is that you are a great girl, searching for the meaning of life, searching for support and friends, and you want to give your friendship to us as well. If someone wanna help you even when you don't want it, it's because those people care for you and they want to help you coz they dont wanna see their good friend feeling bad. So you see, people like you in many ways, for your caring personality, for the smiles you are trying to spread.<br />
Even if you feel down, you are capable to regain inner power, because your guardian angels are all around you :) <br><br />
in short, you was, are and will be loved :) and I'm among those who love you for who you are.

aw that was....ok i m speechless :) hugs*

Well .... Aaa ..... I have known you for only a short time<br />
<br />
and I am amazed that such tiny.... tiny .....little wings can lift that great big heart .....<br />
<br />
Hugs ....

many hugs..*just need to know what others truly think about me

I think you are the most loving person, to me you are the real angel. Though you have your own problems to deal with, you are always there for a friend.<br />
you give your support and love to anyone you think might need it.<br />
<br />
I believe you will give up your life for some stranger!<br />
<br />
I just think you should know how precious and important you are.<br />
<br />
love and hugs

TO me ur a good, caring person, simple and easy when we talk I feel It's no starnger :)