Who Do U Think I Am?=)

just wanna know what you guys honestly think about me... fire away!:)

mistyeyedlass mistyeyedlass
18-21, F
17 Responses Mar 7, 2009

You seem to be a warm hearted person that deserves a little more of the good things in life.

I think you are the nicest most pleasant and solid person I have come across on this site and you would be the kind of person I think it would be great to work with and to know in 'real life'. I am sure you are going to suceed in whatever direction you decide to take in your life and I wish you the best in everything!

In the emails I have received there is little information other than a pleasant greeting. I don't recall upon which of your postings I might have read and commented.

You are someone who I would enjoy getting to know better and one who shares many blessings with family and freinds fortunite enough to know you.

I think you're a lovely young lady with a beautiful smile!

I think you're a very sweet and lovely person.

You seem to be quite a nice person, friendly and energetic too.

Cute lovely lady, active and spreads energy all around

you seem very sweet....are you?? :)

im glad you were my first friend on here, you helped me and I felt like I helped you.. I think your a really nice and helpful person.. glad to still be in contact

your fine, no problems here. you were one of my first friends on this site. to me?? your a good friend ; )

To me you are a cute smart active girl with great taste for books.<br />
<br />
You love helping others and are really honest.<br />
<br />
I honor your friendship and love your stories and comment.<br />
<br />
lots of love and hugs

thanks, gettinby:)

thanks much, kthimm=)

a very nice and caring person.

thnaks, flour!=)

youseem like a very nice girl to me!