...and Grow The H*ll Up!!!!

Fair warning, this is a rant.

My aunt Lynne and her daughter Jen seem to think the world owes them the good life on a plate.  Both are living with my grandfather and step-grandmother (Lynne's mom).  To my knowledge neither has a college degree, though Lynne has tried and dropped out multiple times.  And every time she winds up back home, mooching off my Grandpa and Gram.  Jen works (at least she was at last report...) but Lynne does not.  She just sits on her butt complaining that she's broke and feels unwell.

Well, Lynne, if you actually took your meds like the doctor told you to, you might feel better.  If you paid even a little attention and exercised a teensy bit of self-control around food your blood sugar might stabilize.  If you actually got up off your butt and moved from time to time (you know, what the doctor suggested about the relationship between blood sugar and exercise???) you may feel better.

And Jen, darling, what the h*ll were you thinking bringing a baby into the world?????  I could understand if she was a product of your short, ill-fated marriage, but no.  Katie was conceived a good YEAR after you left your husband.  And who did you pick to sire your child?  Why, a man with a police rap and 2 other kids by 2 other women.  Way to pick 'em, Jenny.  You've got a real nose for the winners.  And when was the last time he paid a nickel in child support?

Grow up.  Both of you.

Jen, maybe you really don't know any better.  Lord knows your childhood was chaotic.  Oh, wait.  So was mine!  And I didn't get pregnant, and I'm not living with my grandparents 'cause Mommy can't keep a roof over her own head.  Even so, you had wretched role models so I'll give you a little bit more slack.

Not you, Auntie Lynne.  YOU had every advantage growing up.  And to all reports, you were a bratty child and a b*tchy teenager.  While that may qualify as hearsay, I know you're a whining mess of an adult.  Don't talk to me about chronic illness; my mom is close to your age and dealt with stuff worse than you'll ever contemplate.  And yet you have the gall to act all superior.  Which of the two of you is gainfully employed, again?  And who went to college and graduated with honors? 

You whine and complain about your lot in life, Lynne, but you do nothing to improve it.  Get off your butt and do something with yourself!  Take a tiny bit of responsibility for the mess you're in and maybe you'll have a chance of getting out of it.

Seriously, both of you need to grow the living h*ll up.
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And dont you feel better having written this gem!

Right on. The lord helps those who helps themselves.