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Ask Ask Ask!!!

I'll do my best to answer :)
coderedgirlx7 coderedgirlx7 18-21, F 10 Responses Feb 4, 2011

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Hmm...what's your favorite childhood memory?<br />
Where would you like to go for your honeymoon? <br />
What's your favorite ice cream flavor, I take it you do like ice cream?!! <br />
Do you have any pets? <br />
What's the last book you read? What was it about?<br />
Have you had the pleasure of meeting any other celebrities aside from Jonathan Coulton?<br />
What is your dream career?<br />
What's the next step after you get your GED or have you given much thought to that? (Not wanting to rush you hehe, I do hope you are focused and working at a comfortable pace.)<br />
Do you speak any other languages? What language would you like to learn most?<br />
Do you have any wild phobias?<br />
And last, for now anyway, what's your favorite movie?

Someone understanding and loyal. Someone that can admit when they are wrong and know when to apologize.

Nothing dirty.

Nevermind is a classic album.. I'm sure that 'nevermind' is a concept relevant to you in many contexts :P

Reeses! Lol. It's not that I don't like thinking, I really do actually. I just was in a bad mood when I said that. xD

Really?....I don't mean too be rude, but you're as old as my Dad..and I find it really disgusting that you'd ask me that. No matter what the age, it's really annoying to be asked sexual questions, but still.

Then don't join a group call"Ask me anything" Joina gropu thats called "Ask me anything you want just so long as you are a the same age as me an it'snot gross"

Lol thank you Eila for asking me a question that doesn't make me think too much. My favorite baaaannd isss.. I'd say Nirvana. My favorite musician is Jonathan Coulton ^__^<br />
<br />
I honestly don't know the point of human existence. I never put much thought into it. I don't know my purpose in life, I haven't figured that out yet. I believe morals are exactly what you said.

It's not my place, but I want to say that morals are part genetic memory and also culture. Religion is not morality. I am not religious, but I bet that i have a clearer conscience than 99% of any religious folk.<br />
<br />
I want to ask you something; what do you think is the point of human existence, if there is such a thing? How do you define your purpose in life?

I want to have at least one kid, (I don't think I can have kids :/)<br />
I have a good sense of humor, I'd say.<br />
I'm very jealous and can be a little controlling.<br />
Not gonna answer that one. Lol.

Personality. Their morals. Their ideas, how they think, act.