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I will answer any question to the best of my ability and as accurate as I can :P However I will not give away secrets that are not mine...

Now ask me stuff... :P
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Tigger!!! Oh my gosh Tigger was my absolute favorite character XD who in my opinion matches my normal personality the best! plus I love Tigers, and I collect Stuffed tigers hahahahah XD well i did as a kid... and i might still collect them... XD.... The most wonderful thing about Tiggers! is that Tiggers a wonderful thing!

If you could be any character from winnie the pooh, which one would you be and why?

I dont know if you want to call it extinction but the rapture of the church. and as for a non religious answer, it seems to me that each new generation of youth seem to create and have more problems then they solve... thus leading to our ultimate downfall?

What do you believe will lead the human race to extinction?