You Can Ask Anything(:

Humm, I'm bored and stuff, so ask me whatever :D I'll answer it honestly.
I don't bi--..okay, I bite. But that shouldn't scare you away(:
BritatoChip BritatoChip
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 12, 2011

Since you like them so much, which Pokemon resembles you the most? ^^

Hmmmm. .. That's a hard one :O
My mum says I'm like a Charmeleon cause I'm "tempermental and may attack friends and other people without warning or notice" D: xD

Tell us about your cat. How does it look? What is it's name?<br />
Oh! And do you like vampires?

Uhhh, she's a calico, 12 years old so she has a little grey. Her name is Bubblez anddd yes I do; I think they're sexy(:
Not Edward vampires though. :| Alice ones, ohyess;]

how does a guy turn u on/off?

I don't really get turned on by boys.