You Can Ask Me Anything... I Wont Mind..

Yup.. i am a open book.

You can ask me anything 

if the question is weird i will reply through a personal message!!!
Ammi15 Ammi15
22-25, M
7 Responses May 6, 2012

Do u watch happy tree friends or pewdiepie? If not look them up! :)

have u ever been spanked

not yet...!!

What your sexual preference straight,bi,bi curikous,gay ?


Do you have any pets. If so what are they, and do they have names? If they have names, what are their names? (so much to ask, so little time)

ya, two cute dogs n names are chika n rocky...


thanks, n have a cute cat... pussha...!

I love cats :c

me too...

I have a chihuahua named Chico, and a Miniature Pinsher named Rocky!!! lol

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Aha funny :)

Are u interested in ******?

bit unusual q! but mail me at n i will reply u with the answer!

Do you go hard on yourself?

yup some times...

Ok :D