Since it seems that my requests for less suggestive and awkward messages from people are being ignored by many (not all), I've decide to make this a haven for those questions. Also, since I won't post pictures or really share too much of myself for any reason, I've decided to answer questions other than just naughty stuff too. Ask me anything and everything, and I'll answer as best I can.

ONLY ask me in this thread. I will not detail anything in PMs and I will delete sexual messages automatically if you're not someone I'm close to already. Also, if you ask me things like where I live or if I can post pics, I won't answer.

Other than that, ask whatever ._.
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Ok, since I can ask anything on here, being 7'3 and slim from one post I read, are you like a giant Olive Oyl, and what I mean is all arms, legs and very big feet

You like peeing into adult disposable diapers and ************ in them? And how often **********? Please answer frankly

No, and never.

what was your most embrassing moment?

Um...... screaming and flailing in the public hospital when my then future husband was taking me into a bed. I didn't know him at all then, and I had just been hit by a drunk driver. So... haven't androphobia, a concussion, and being held by a guy I didn't know in a hospital with lots of people kinda freaked me out.


damn...I bet

You named yourself boobzilla, wrote something on a thread about having sex with another girl, and you don't expect suggestive messages?

I'm here to share my experiences, not be hit on. I fully expect them because they don't stop coming. Doesn't mean I have to like them.

y does your profile so your so young when your story says your older

Because you read it wrong maybe?