Go Ahead For It

Go ahead girls ask away! I'm not gay so guys don't bother asking anything like that
Joshpp Joshpp
18-21, M
7 Responses May 20, 2012

what do you consider a "hot girl"?

What's one thing you'll problably lie about?

If I did something bad or wrong

yeah, me too. its hard for me to say that i made a mistake or that im sorry. sometimes i overcome myself and other times i dont.

Are you actually 16-17? Do you have a facebook? Haha.

Yes and no :(

Why unhappy face? :P

when you ********* ,what do you do to excite yourself.

Think of hot girls

what secret can you share with us that you would never tell your family?

I have a high sex drive so I ********** a lot.

What is your actual name?


Oh jeez. I did NOT see that coming. Jokes.

fav music<br />
and what do you think of northen ireland/?

Probably country but I also like r&amp;b and rock

Don't know never been there but would like to some time

just stay clear of some areas ^^