go for it.....





anything. well, almost anything. i do have some dignity..... somewhere....... i do...... i swear........ **** it, just ask me anything.

Tesse Tesse
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Duh, the bet was if I loose you pay me! :P

You are correct, **** is not so much a swear word anymore, it is more in how it is used!

i dont know, but ill message you my address and i expect a cheque in a few days =p

Hmm why did I bother to place that bet? :-s

no......<br />
<br />
<br />
show me, i need a good distraction. fuckmylife.com isnt doing its job well enough today.

Have you seen/heard that 101 ways to use **** or something with that name?<br />
<br />
*I have my bet places on yes* =)

i dont even notice how much i use it........ like i said before, i dont even see it as a swear word, i dont see how one arrangement of letters can be more offensive than others. it just has a different meaning. to me, **** is a great word. it can be used to describe or express so much. an extremely strong feeling, an act, to pay tribute to something (******* awesome), or to aggressively throw in the towel (awww, **** it), to express surprise, or sudden pain, or fustration...... its a beautiful word.

But certainly not with ****! lol <br />
<br />
BTW, it is among LaTristesseDurera's favorite words and she know how to use amazingly well.

****, I have a hard time with English.

I ask because if you speak Spanish, then you can get by in Portuguese and Italian, but French is way out in left field from all the other languages. I do speak a little French, but very little. I speak Spanish had Portuguese and I can converse in Italian, but French, so weird and strange compared to the others. I am afraid that the case you present is prevalent by those who have had some French in school and know a few words but are not intimate with the other romantic languages. C'est la vie!

I find it more beautiful than the others, Im not sure why exactly...... it just sounds it to me...... there is something so passionate yet almost, but not, reserved, dignified and beautiful...... it is also the only one, out of those you mentioned, i speak (sort of....)

Why is French so beautiful, why not Portuguese or Spanish or Italian, they are all romantic languages?

hehe, was can be sadness-peeping-toms together =]<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
i think its because its such a strong emotion, like love, so intense and ovewhelming you cannot keep it hidden, so when you see it its in its purest, deepest form...... its not an emotion thats often masked (at least not very well) or twisted or manipulated or percieved as something different....... its beautiful because its so intense and true, does that make sense? like, although this is what makes it horrible, it cant be interfered with, or distorted........ its pure.

i dont know....... i always find something beautiful in sadness...... i cant explain it, its almost voyeuristic, the depth of human emotion...... that Van Gogh, before killing himself, summed up everything he said in his note in those few words...... and its french, french is always beautiful....

What????? I though moony eyes would do the trick! x-l<br />
<br />
What do you mean by kinda beautiful? Hmm? Explain explain! :P

floydian- not even a little bit!]<br />
<br />
nudeinva- its the title of Van Gogh suicide note, as well as a song by the Manic Street Preachers. I thought it looked and sounded pretty. It means The Sadness Will Not End/Will Endure, which isnt how I feel, but its still kinda beautiful

How did you come up with your screen name?

Hmmm, dont you think I am innocent? *moony eyes*

floydian- you were being naughty and ep-ing instead of revising!!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
awww, thanks bob =]

Why did you say I am naughty on my confession yesterday? LOL

thank you bob =]..................although, what do you mean by attitude? not bad i hope?

No Italian in my bloodlines, Im on EP pretty much every day for at least a little bit. most of my time is spent in the house, so my laptop is always on and logged in in the background, even when Im doing stuff I check here every hour or so.

how often are you on ep?

continuously. i dont even see it as a swear word any more, just another word that can express a million and one things rather passionately. =]

How much Italian is in your bloodline?

How often do you use the word "****" in either your writing or your speech? lol

awww, no I didnt, thank you bob =] same back to you =]