I Dare You!

lol come on, I think this sounds fun...

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What is your sexual fantasy/

I have a few of them :) One is to be in the middle of a Manwich lol one behind and one in front... that one I believe I'll keep a fantasy though.. I think that's one that's better in theory than in practice..

my biggest pet peeve is the selfish girls out there that their husbands share them but will not share thier husbands.

lol It's ok, I'll forgive you for now, just realize I think honestly they stick the slower checkers in there that way they get people with less things.. because have you ever noticed if someone with a cart full of crap gets in there, it takes that checker three times longer to get through it than it would any other checker, I'm sure it's not ALWAYS the case, but it seems fairly often

Lol Im totally going to admit to doing that, I learned it from my dad. I try not to though :p I feel guility

LOL I have so many of them. Here's one of the worst, people in the grocery store that load up their cart with stuff and then go into the express lane.... or along the same lines, people that use the self checkout and have no earthy clue what they're doing. I stood back and watched someone take over 10 minutes to ring up 3 items.

What's your biggest pet peeve?