Hey ask me anything no limits I will answer anything truthfully ;)
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What color panties are you wearing? :p

Have you ever flashed someone? Have you ever seen someone naked by accident or seen someone having sex?

WATS the sluttiest thing you've ever done?

Tried to jump in the sack with a coworker lol

Are you a sneaker kind of girl? I would worship you if you were wearing a pair of Keds! Then I would ravage you.

Lol... I wear lots of shoes. I do wear a pair of keds I got from hollister... But mainly I wear my DC rebound high top skate shoes... Real tree camo tennis shoes... And leather cowboy boots :3

I Think women look sooooo sexy in Keds! They totally turn my crank! What size do you wear? What color are your Keds?

Do you like being nude? If yes where? Except normal places like shower

Do I LIKE IT? Nah.

what do you sleep in pajamas t-shirt panties panties or nude

I wear my underwear to bed as well as my bra lol. But I usually wear my shorts and an ol t shirt :)

Would you have sex with a stranger?

Well it depends how much of a stranger... Like in general no.

Have you ever worn a corset or a girdle?


would u like to like my underarm

Yuck no

Can you squirt

My tongue yes!

this is probably the lamest Ask Me threads.

Thanks! :D

when was the last time you washed your socks

I like you haha I washed these... Idk! I just found em in the Bowels of my dresser

You look like Miley Cyrus friend on Hannah Montana lol no joke

Thanks! Haha shes pretty :D

Right lol

where are you from?


Do you like the band falling in reverse

Never heard of it! :)

You should look them up

What is the kinkiest thing you've ever done.

Hmmmmm idk lol I haven't really

will you lick my nose and finger my *** hole?

Ew... No

I started reading these and was throughly disgusted but could not stop reading. My question is... A real doozy.... And it is.... Dammit I can't think of anything nasty. Just reply back disgusted and say no.

Hahaha wow XD can't get more nasty then these people on here haha it was just me testing people's pervertedness when I posted this and lookit all the answers haha

Now all you have to do is block them all ;) lol

When did you last pee yourself either by accident or on purpose? Explain the situation. Did you enjoy it? Do it again?

Well. I was in the grocery store and I was comparing grape prices when alas, my bladder fails on me. Haha it sucked I mean it was night so no one was there but DANGIT i felt my organs failed me. No I didn't enjoy it one bit and no haha.

Wish I was there to watch it. Did you know girls wetting themselves is very hot? :)

Can you squirt

My tongue yes! 💦

Strangest place you've ever had sex or *********** in?

I hate it when these people censor everything. (Astericks mean 'pleasure yourself' or had sex with yourself)

Nowhere! Wheeeeeeee

What sexual fantasies do you have?

Teacher Student, um... doing it with my coworker lol

I guess I am not asking the right questions so I am off to bed


What is the most surprising question you were asked in this post? The one that shocked or put you off the most.

Prolly the one about the peeing on towels or in your bed thing 😳 ******* weird people out here

I agree that one was kinda out there!

your not answering my questions why is that


Are you into spanking?


Do you still get spanked?


So that is a yes? I'm sorry to hear that.


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What fetish(es) do you have?

Haha a guys shoulders and arms turn me on 😍

Whoa, I have both of those! Lol you surprised how weird some people are?

Yes hahaa

I'm into weird things too, but I don't come right out with it. You're not into anything weird?

Nah lol I'm not like one of those weird feet people

'Turn you on' does not a true fetish make.


Originally I didn't think that made for a fetish either, but then I thought about it and realized there really is no way to say it isn't

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Have you ever touched yourself at work


Do you shave your *****? Are you still a virgin? How old are you?

I did once and it was a ******* mistake! Yes! And 17!

does men wearing panties bother you

Very much so

Have you ever done anything with another girl??


Ever sent nudes to strangers on here??

Nope 😐

Okay, just wondering...now that I have asked those two things.... Would you add me to your circle??

... No

Will you if asked?

Nope I only add people to my circle when I'm truly interested in them.

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Have you ever peed in your bedroom or on a towelb

... Uh... When I was little I think I accidentally peed my bed a couple times. Haha but no not recently XD

Peeing on a towel is easier then using the bathroom

No... Then you have laundry

I've peed in my bedroom on the floor

Uhm. Ew?

Ya but I'm not potty trained at night

Okie dokies... Have you ever seemed help? That ain't normal

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what color underwear mine is black

Zebra ;)

have you ever had you p u s s y eaten :D think i just pas the limits . oh wait theres no limit :)

No I haven't haha

lol okay :) have you ever eaten one :)

Nah I'm straight lol

haha lol . have you ever think about trying it :)

No :/ I mean I've thought about giving guys blow jobs ahha but not girls :P

awesome then :) haha . have you ever given a guy a bj

Nope! Lol

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Have you had anal sex


Shave yoyr *****?

Did once and it was a ******* mistake so no

ar u wearing panty now?

Yes I'm wearing underwear lol

wat is ur boob size.. tell ur structure

I'm a 40 D... Verging on DD. I guess they're just like round and squishy lol. Like any boob. 😂 My coworker seems to like em.

wow i wanna lick ur 40D boobs, anyway r u experiened with fingering?


and wat u think whichgive more enjoyment anall sexx or inserting throw vaginaa give more enjoyment

Uh... Anal is disgusting. You liked feeling like you have to ****? No. Vaginal.

gud and thank u.. if u had sex mean will to taste ur partner spermms... or hw u will make him satisfy

... He'd hafta deal with me lol

have u touched anybody's peniss before?

Haha no

thats awesome !!

Muck yeah jc penny

ha ha.. onemore serious question,, wat u think abt sibling sex

Da **** ew

cant understand,,,

will u want to touch mine?


in ur home wen u will be nude?

Never nude unless I shower

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How naughty are you

Naught but not promiscuous or nasty

Have you ever had your ******* tongue ****** or rimmed ?


Have you ever had your ******* played with in any way at all.

Nope :) lol

Would you be for or against having your ******* licked or played with ?


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do you feel horny

Now? No haha but i was at work because I was surrounded by two of my hottest coworkers alone in the kitchen haha my heart was like BADOOSH